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2A: On Thursday, SCOTUS struck down a 108-year-old New York State gun law that required applicants seeking a concealed carry license to demonstrate a “proper cause” to do so. The vote was 6-3, a number we’ve seen a lot lately in this ideologically-divided court.

COVID-19: Remember when the World Health Organization (WHO) was leading the charge to silence anyone who suggested the ‘rona came from the Wuhan virology lab? Now, they’re admitting not only that it leaked after a catastrophic accident at the Chinese lab, but also that the virus itself was created with the aid of U.S. biotechnology.

END TIMES PROPHECY: [28:40] – I remember thinking, many years ago, “They’ll only find the true site of the Temple when the End Times come.” And here we are.

LAUNDRY: When Leo Robinson, pastor of Good Church in Flint, Michigan, realized his community’s biggest need was a laundromat, he set about converting the basement. “There’s no laundromat in a four-mile radius. Over 75 percent of our people in this area depend on public transportation, so you can only imagine taking all of your clothes, getting on the MTA to go to the laundromat to sit for three or four hours to do your laundry, and then come back on that bus route. That’s taking up most of your day.”

He also noted studies connecting limited access to clean clothes to lowered school attendance. “In our three-mile radius, … all [our] schools are struggling with absenteeism. All of them say a lot of the kids aren’t coming because of their dirty clothes. One counselor said that she takes kids’ clothes home herself to wash them. So I know it’s a big deal.”

Robinson currently has 8 machines, thanks to a donation of four washers and four dryers from Whirlpool, which he calculates will only be enough for 100 families. The need is a lot bigger than that. If you have any spare cash,

LIFE AFTER LIFE: [5:35] – In September 2019, Charlotte Holmes died for 11 minutes. She went to Heaven and Hell, then the Lord sent her back to tell us about it.

MAYRA FLORES [R]: CLICK [9:34] to hear the newest member of Congress take her oath and make a statement. She was born in Mexico and came to the U.S. legally at age 6 with her migrant working parents. She is a Respiratory Care Practitioner who worked on the front lines during the pandemic; her husband is a border patrol agent and they have four children.

If Mayra were a Democrat, the media would be weeping with joy. But she’s not. She is very conservative, so her position as the first female, Mexico-born member of Congress representing a traditionally Democrat district in south Texas is a thorn in their sides. She is a Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, and Pro-Law Enforcement.

PRO-ABORTS: On Sunday, pro-aborts smashed all 11 windows and three glass doors of the Lennon Pregnancy Center in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. They also spray painted pro-abortion graffiti on the wall. I’ve yet to hear any so-called pro-“choice” leaders condemn these attacks on organizations that do nothing but provide choices other than abortion.

PSA: This is a Facebook Short that I think is meant to be funny. But really, it’s just dangerous. I was in the same room with a CRT when it imploded. Thankfully, the electron gun went between the other two people in the room. We found it on the floor about 16′ away; there was a dent in the wall about 10′ up. I’m guessing that between the weight and force, it could have easily killed anyone it hit. The two guys who were close to the thing were not wearing any protective gear, but did happen to wear glasses, so they didn’t get any shards of phosphor coated glass in their eyes. But they had to be treated for phosphor poisoning and were picking glass shards out of their skin for weeks. I was very, very lucky to have been standing directly behind one of them. I suffered only one very tiny scratch on my hair line.

WAIT, WUT? During March, April, and May of this year, the IRS purchased approximately $700,000 worth of ammunition.

WISCONSIN: CLICK [:07] to see pro-abortion protesters swarming the state capitol building to pressure legislators into changing a vote. Don’t hold your breath waiting on any of them to be held without bail for having invaded one of the “sacred spaces of democracy“, cuz … you know why.

GRAMMY NOTES: Most of my paintings go into a binder, but I was so tickled with this little bird, I decided to frame it.


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