Democrats claim to be ALL about supporting women … except when they dump on conservative women. But that’s okay, because we all know that conservative women aren’t real women.

Remember back in 2010, Rep. Janis Baird Sontany (D-TN-3) said of female Republican legislators, “You have to lift their skirts to find out if they are women. You sure can’t find out by how they vote!

I’m pretty sure that would now qualify as a transphobic remark, but she’s no longer in office, so nobody cares. Plus, Democrats don’t get canceled for stuff they said umpteen years ago before the rules all changed the way Republicans do. But I digress. Some twat defended Olbermann’s offensive dismissal of Barrett’s credentials with …

Riiight. Never mind that paralegals don’t even have licensing requirements. “In larger metropolitan areas, it’s quite common for employers to demand that paralegal candidates hold two-year degrees and a post-degree certificate or even four-year degrees in paralegal studies. On the other hand, in small firms outside the major metro areas, a basic entry-level pre-degree undergraduate certificate program might be acceptable for entry-level employment.

And let’s just never mind that Justice Kagan’s career path hasn’t been much different than Barrett’s. Kagan was 50 years old while Barrett was 48 when they became Supremes. They both got their J.D.s at highly respected universities, clerked for two years (Circuit and SCOTUS), worked for private firms for a while, then went into teaching. Kagan also spent some years working as special counsel for then-Senator Biden and then-President Clinton, then later served as Dean of the Harvard Law School.

Barrett’s critics said she wasn’t qualified for the Supreme Court, because she had only been on the bench of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals for three years. But Kagan never served on any bench before being elevated to the highest one in the land. The closest she came was the 15 months she served as Obama’s Solicitor General, during which time, she argued six cases before the Supreme Court. But prior to that, she had never argued a single case in court.

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