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END TIMES PROPHECY: Gisella Cardia says that on April 23, 2022, the Blessed Mother told her, “Soon you will see Jesus with His rays illuminating the world. Welcome Him in all His grace and kneel in reverence. … Cry out to the world before it is too late. … Pray much.”

FBI: A rural Texas couple say that, on June 22, 2022, FBI agents burst through their gate. When the homeowner asked to see a warrant, they threw a flashbang at him, handcuffed them, and trained lasers on them. When he tried to call a neighbor, the FBI ordered them to drop their phones, which were then confiscated. They were split up and questioned about where they were and what they did on Jan. 6, 2020. Hours later, the agents decided it was a case of mistaken identity. Nobody showed a search warrant until the end.

LIFE: So, what Dobbs actually did was return the power to legislate abortion to the states.

There will be legal battles within many states for the foreseeable future as pro-abortion forces seek to destroy protections for the unborn while pro-lifers seek to gain them. So, if Democrats are right that the public overwhelmingly believes abortion should be legal, then they’ve got nothing to worry about, right?

The fact is though that a majority of the public opposes abortion on demand after the first trimester. And when the reality of abortion is shown to people who say they’re pro-choice, they very often do a 180 on the spot.

The situation at the moment is that thirteen states had “trigger laws” that went into effect when Dobbs was decided. In Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Utah, these laws went into effect immediately. In North Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas, they’ll go into effect within 30 days, in Wyoming within 5 days.

Four states (Alabama, Arizona, Michigan, West Virginia, Wisconsin) have abortion bans on the books from before Roe that can again be enforced. While Alabama, Arizona, and West Virginia have pro-life attorneys general who will enforce them, Michigan and Wisconsin do not and Michigan’s AG has already vowed to not to enforce the law.

Click the Fox News link below to read ten key quotations from Alito’s opinion.

Click the Not The Bee link to read a good thread by Dr. Strangelove about how the Left should’ve just left us alone.

Click [:23] to hear what a pro-life Hispanic woman thinks of men who are pro-abortion. LOL

RAGE: Speaker “I’m a devout Catholic” Pelosi started her presser by whining, “There’s no point in saying good morning because it certainly is not.” Then she bitched about how this “radical” court returning the people to legislate abortion is “extremism.

FAUXTUS made a ridiculous speech full of lies. CLICK [3:22] for Eric Bolling’s report.

The Department of Homeland Security told Catholic Churches and pregnancy centers to prepare for “extreme violence” that pro-abortion groups are promising.

AOC joined the pro-aborts outside the Supreme Court building, yelling that the court is illegitimate and encouraging people to get “into the streets.” Click [:21].

Maxine Waters said, “To hell with the Supreme Court!” and “We will defy them! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Click [:38]

Pramila Jaypal tweeted, “A friendly reminder that five out of six conservative Justices on the Supreme Court were appointed by Presidents that lost the popular vote.” Ben Rhodes tweeted, “The current SCOTUS majority has an extreme degree of illegitimacy when you consider how it came to be.

Keith Olbermann tweeted, “Again: It has become necessary to dissolve the Supreme Court of the United States. This is no longer a court. It is a Minority imposing its religious beliefs on the Majority: our House of Lords; Superlegislature; Theocracy. Where possible, states must ignore its invalid edicts.

Ana Navarro, CNN’s RINO commentator and co-host on The View, ghoulishly cited her disabled relatives as a reason why she is really angry about the Dobbs decision.

At, Andy Ngo chronicled a violent pro-abortion protest in Los Angeles where literally nothing will change because of the Dobbs decision. There were also violent protests in New York City and Washington, D.C., two other places where literally nothing will change. Not that logic seems to have anything to do with the Left any more (if it ever did).

In Arizona’s capital, state senators held hostage by angry pro-aborts trying to breach security. Senator Kelly Townsend tweeted, “We smell teargas and the children of one of the members are in the office sobbing with fear. I expect a J24 committee to be created immediately.

On Twitter, a whole lot of people have posted calls for violence, including arson and assassination. They’ve even published Justice Thomas’ home address. Twitter hasn’t taken down any of them or closed their accounts.

SCOTUS: Business Insider has a good article about the approximately 253 times in its 233-year history that the Supreme Court has overturned a previous ruling. Some of them are the most famous cases on the books.

For example, Brown v. Board of Education (1954) partially overturned Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) which had allowed racial segregation in public facilities as long as they were “equal,” which of course they never were. I can just hear Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat predecessor whining about that one too.

Then there was Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) that established the federal right to same-sex marriage and overruled the 1972 ruling of Baker v. Nelson (1972). Lefties were all kinds of happy about that one, but I guess the court didn’t become illegitimate or radical until after the Senate confirmed Trump’s nominees. Cuz, you know, TRUMP didn’t win the POPULAR vote.

Never mind that the Constitution they claim gives them the right to abortion (but doesn’t give us the right to bear arms) also dictates that the Presidents of the these United States are decided by electoral not popular votes.


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  1. The evidence for God — the agnostic looks for some undeniable divine thumbprint, in this corner and that — while the believer sees the indisputable divine hand in everything.

    Fr. Mark Goring’s sometimes got that breathy, so-sincere delivery. Just trying to be emphatic, I presume; certainly not as disturbing as when pRes Biden leans in and whispers into the mic, but down that road a bit. Salesmen and cultists: you can be-liiieeeve me. Not knocking his content, just that delivery.

    Another fellow who lapses into that is this fellow Brandon Robbins. If I didn’t find this video on PoliNation, it was likely a YouTube sidebar suggestion (on some video from PoliNation. 😀 ) The withering of the fig tree has bothered me since I was a tad, and so how could I not click on “Why You Should be CONCERNED that Jesus KILLED a Tree”!

    I’ll watch it again, but I was… unpersuaded by his exegesis.