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2A: On Saturday, FAUXTUS signed into law the biggest gun control measure in decades. The legislation expands federal background checks for people between 18 to 21, adds incentives for states to adopt so-called red flag laws, expands access to mental health programs, and enhances school security.

CATHOLIC: I saw this graphic appears on Facebook with this comment – “A few years ago there was an amazing Twitter thread started by a pro-choice lady, condescendingly asking pro-lifers what they do to help after birth, followed by an, ‘I’ll wait.’ The pro-lifers showed up in such a big way! It was freaking awesome.”

I’m thinking it’s time for someone to ask, “What do so-called ‘pro-choicers’ do to support choices other than abortion? I’ll wait.”

END TIMES PROPHECY: [3:15] – Valeria Capponi says that, on April 26, 2022, Jesus told her, “In these times marked by wickedness and wars, the only thing you can do for the salvation of my perverse people is and remains only prayer, sacrifice, and penance. Little children, you will never begin to understand the pain that my unbelieving children cause me.”

RAGE: Not the Bee comments, “You want to show up ‘100 deep’ to take on the ‘radical Christian’ country boys? Good luck with that, my man. Those boys have been plinking steel in the woods for their entire lives, and each house is a miniature fortress filled with Second-Amendment goodness.

You know the scene in The Patriot where Mel Gibson is a ghost in the trees, picking off lobsterbacks before they even knew what happened? Imagine what Mel Gibson could do with Level IV plate armor, night vision, and a few mags of .300 Blackout while his buddy hits you with .224 Valkyrie rounds from a ridge line a mile away.

Now multiply that by nearly every home across millions of square miles.”

ROE: [7:18] – Thank God, it’s gone.

S&G: CLICK (or not!) [:53] to see women in Dallas twerking for abortion rights. I guess it’s preferable to arson.

Then there’s this woman who was just very, very angry about the Dobbs decision [:13]. She may need her meds adjusted. Or maybe not. As tweeters noted, she set up the camera and put knee pads on before filming herself having an “uncontrollable rage” attack. It also looks like she rehearsed it a few times, since the dog doesn’t seem to be upset.

TEXAS: [1:53] – May God have mercy on his soul.

VAXXX: Newly FOIA’d emails show that the CDC knew in April 2021 that people were dying of TTS after receiving the J&J jab. They didn’t publish a warning until Dec. 16, 2021, at which point the director of the CDC patted herself on the back for their “commitment to provide real-time scientific information to the American public.”

*TTS refers to Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome, a condition that features low platelet levels combined with blood clots.

GRAMMY NOTES: I started painting whatever random thing came out. Methinks I’m wanting a get away.

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