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CANADA: CLICK [:29] to hear the leader of this once free nation admit they’re banning guns.

CATHOLIC: Pope Francis has banned an African priest from practicing any form of public ministry until he apologizes and takes back all the meanie pants things he has said about the pontiff. CLICK [20:31] to hear John-Henry Westen interview Father JesusMaria.

END TIMES PROPHECY: [4:01] – Gisella Cardia says that, on April 14, 2021, the Blessed Mother said to her, “What is about to happen will come suddenly. … Pray, my children, pray so as not to be caught unprepared. … Soon Christianity will no longer be professed, but a new religion will be imposed, where Christ will no longer be at the center; pay attention and be prudent.

FAMINE: The global elites planning the New World Order have imposed new nitrogen emissions restrictions that will force many farms to close.

LIFE: The Ohio State Supreme Court ruled the state’s pre-Roe pro-life law is in effect until the Court reviews a lawsuit seeking to reverse it.

The Texas Supreme Court has overturned a lower court’s block on enforcement of pre-Roe abortion laws.

A Utah judge has temporarily blocked the state’s pro-life trigger law pending another hearing in two weeks.

In Wisconsin, St. Bernard Catholic Church on Madison’s east side was vandalized with pro-abortion and anti-police graffiti.

MARVEL: The September Spiderman comic book will feature a new character – homosexual spider-man.

TRANS: Click the link to read about the latest angry detranser who says the trans conveyor belt left him sterile, incontinent, and in chronic pain. He says he was diagnosed as a “transsexual” in 2014 after just two thirty-minute appointments with a psychiatrist at a British gender clinic. In 2017, the clinic told him that if he didn’t submit to surgery, he’d be discharged; he says he felt terrified and trapped, because he was struggling with depression and needed the therapy. On May 23, 2018, he underwent surgery. “I didn’t even see the surgeon.” When he awoke, the 35-year-old was instantly regretful. “Oh, God, what have I done?

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