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CLICK for a Facebook Short take on Acts 1:8. 🙂

CLIMATE WHACKOS: [3:34] – Do they even know that big oil companies are investing hugely in renewable and green technologies? ::smh::

ECONOMY: We don’t have to be bothered about silly things like inflation and recession, cuz JOE BIDEN is president!

END TIMES PROPHECY: [5:44] – Luz de Maria says that, on March 27, 2022, Michael the Archangel told her, “Extremely serious times are coming. Earthquakes will increase in intensity; the water of the seas will cause man to fear with unexpected and high waves. … Evil is rapidly taking possession of humanity. … Hunger will take hold of humanity as strife progresses among the nations, arising not by chance or due to differences between nations, but having been traced beforehand by the Devil and his own. … Pray, pray.”

ERIC SWALWELL: When Fang Banger “Toot” Swalwell tried to tar and feather Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, Twitchy collected the best come backs. If you need a chuckle, click both links below.

FAUXCAHONTAS: Nothing gets her wigwam in a bunch faster than somebody trying to offer a pregnant woman choices other than abortion. CLICK [:32] to hear the lying bitch lie through her lying pie hole about what Crisis Pregnancy Centers do and what kind of people run them.

HUNTER’S LAPTOP: [5:27] – FAUXTUS’ press secy refuses to answer any questions about “alleged” materials from the laptop.

ILLINOIS: Following my usual practice, I will not be using the name of the twisted soul who killed six and injured over 20 more at the 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois. I’ve heard some jumped right to assuming he must be a right-winger or Trump supporter, I guess because he used a gun. But any Leftie who would suggest such a thing doesn’t get us at all. We’d never disrupt a July 4 parade! Turns out, he’s a big fan of Antifa and the Democratic Socialists of America. Color me NOT surprised.

As for the Left’s usual “we need more gun control” thing … there already is a law in place that should have kept this kid from getting his hands on a gun. His dad helped him circumvent it, despite knowing that his son was mentally unstable, collected knives, and had threatened to “kill everyone” and himself. And even after the tragic result, the dad says he didn’t do anything wrong. Well, he didn’t do anything illegal. But he really failed big time at the whole dad thing.

JERONE FOR CONGRESS: You gotta CLICK [:31] to see the best pro-gun ad ever. Jerone Davison is running for Congress on the Republican ticket in Arizona.

LIFE: More than 49 abortion clinics have either halted abortions or been forced to close their doors altogether since SCOTUS ended Roe. The following states are now abortion free: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

MIDTERMS: The Democrats would love it if Roe had moved voters leftward at all. But a recent Harris poll showed those who shifted left were balanced by those who shifted right. So overall no change.

But Democrats have long championed no limits at all on gestation or reasons, going so far as to abuse the rights of opponents by forcing us to fund them with tax dollars and insurance premiums and to refer for and even participate in committing them.

But this has never been what the majority of Americans wanted. I’ve been tracking abortion polls since the 1980s. The numbers in the recent Gallup poll in the graphic are typical. And the polls that ask for a breakdown by circumstances and gestational limits find that the vast majority of the “legal sometimes” crowd favor the first trimester or earlier and life of the mother, rape, and/or incest only.

TIKTOK: Last week, the Chinese-owned social media platform booted the Babylon Bee out. The BB was given no reason or option to appeal. I went to TikTok and googled “Babylon Bee.” It said it couldn’t find any such account. They had more than 104,000 followers.

VAXXX: Clearly, the smart money is on prevention and treatment, not vaccination.

  1. Researchers in Qatar have confirmed that, after just six months the so-called “protection” provided by the mRNA vaxxxines is lower than that gained by natural immunity.
  2. Researchers in Israel have found that the unvaxxxed who have had COVID-19 are not suffering from the increases in myocarditis and pericarditis plaguing the vaxxxed.
  3. Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who analyzed the outcomes of about 48,000 COVID infections in the 18 and under crowd found their mortality rate among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia was zero.

WYOMING: CLICK to hear Harriet Hageman’s campaign plank. She is favored to beat Liz Cheney in November.

GRAMMY NOTES: [8:20] – Back in the mid-90s, we adopted a retired racing greyhound who had, thankfully, been surrendered for rehoming, not killed or, worse, abandoned. I’ve heard there are some trainers who dump their losers in the desert, where they die a horrible death from thirst. Because why? They’re too cheap to pay for euthanasia? Too cruel to take them to the people who rescue and rehome? I thought the desert dumpers were the worst … until I saw this video. I’m crying. Greyhounds are the sweetest, most gentle of dog breeds. There is some special kind of hell in store for whoever did this to Tristan, and grace and blessings in abundance for his rescuers.

FACEBOOK SHORT: CLICK for a doggy funny, because we both need a laugh after that greyhound story.


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  1. red

    Tried to post on FB, but apparently Gateway Pundit is now on the FBI Most Hated list. FB cowers before the nazis.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Every time I post, I wonder how much longer we’ll have the freedom to spread truth via the internet. I found two ways to bypass FB’s algorithms that you could try. One is to make a tiny url. The other is to screenshot and post the graphic.

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  2. Didn’t watch the tortured dog video. Maybe later. Too close to home: A few weeks ago, we took in a stray pup, which had just been dumped, by all indications (collar but no tags, no chip, unspayed). Possibly mistreated, certainly untrained, but physically in good shape, amen.

    Then, Wait! We find out, that’s not a part-German Shepherd mutt. It’s a Belgian Malinois (rhymes with Vichyssoise or chef’s-kiss-mwah, not Illinois). And when I say “pup,” I mean over one year old, powerful, frantic, and cunning. She’s a natural shepherd, though: Yesterday, she got loose and decided the neighbor’s cattle were too spread out, tried to herd them all together. Dumb dog is lucky the bull didn’t think she was even worth kicking. So, still some training-up to be done.

    Just like so many parents got their darling children a Dalmatian puppy for Christmas after the Disney movies, so the “hero dog” of the Bin Laden hunt, given a medal by Pres. Trump, popularized the Malinois. So cute, until they quit being puppies and become high maintenance. At least once a day Milady Jo and I re-assess whether we’ve made a terrible mistake, but “Daisy” is so devoted and affectionate, already so much a family member, we’ll just have to deal with her.

    Malinois showing off

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