Our Lady of Coromoto, Patroness of Venezuela

One day in 1652, the chief of the Coromoto Indians was crossing a stream with his wife when they saw a Lady of extraordinary beauty who said to them in their language: “Go to the house of the Europeans and ask for Baptism.”

In 1942, the Venezuelan episcopate declared her as Patroness of Venezuela and in 1996, the church of Our Lady of Coromoto was consecrated as a National Shrine.

The miraculous image the Virgin left in the chief’s hand is tiny, 2.5 cm high by 2 cm wide. On the left is how it appears today. On the right is a rendering of how it may have looked before it suffered water and insect damage that obliterated the Child Jesus.

And again, reminiscent of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a human figure can be seen reflected in the eye. I have added arrows to help you discern the head, left arm akimbo and right arm stretched forward, left leg stretched forward and right leg bent back.

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