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ANTI-LIFE: One day after Massachusetts Attorney General issued a statement claiming that “crisis pregnancy centers … try to prevent people from accessing abortion care,” the violent pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge smashed doors and windows at two CPCs in Worcester, MA, and spray painted the walls and steps.

Jane’s Revenge has also hit the office of Right to Life of Northeast Ohio twice in one week, spray painting pro-abortion messages and chucking rocks through the windows.

CHICOMS: Hong Kong is instituting a new level of social control. All COVID-19 patients under home quarantine will have to wear an electronic bracelet in order to prevent them from leaving home. HK’s new Beijing-approved health minister would like Hong Kong to go even further and adopt mainland China’s red and green health code system on everybody’s cell phones.

EDUCATION: The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has provided a “queer and trans-affirming school calendar” calendar to teachers and educators. The calendar gives suggestions for monthly activities that promote the LGBT agenda in the classroom throughout the school year.

On Thursday, Oklahoma Gov. Stitt announced he is having the Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) investigated for allegedly violating state law banning CRT. They’re also looking into the same district having allegedly mishandled COVID relief funds.

END TIMES PROPHECY: [7:45] – This video (text linked below) contains a compilation of some of the prophetic messages received by Father Miguel Rodrigue and Luz de Maria. In short, this summer is a period of peace to allow us to prepare for the coming trials. Before autumn, we must go to confession, consecrate our homes to the Eternal Father through the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary and have them blessed with holy water.

Famine is coming; prepare a three month supply of food and drinking water. Economic collapse is coming; get your money out of the banks and spend it on supplies. But remember that the point is not to worry about surviving, but to focus on gaining eternal life. Be obedient to the Divine Will in unity and compassion. Forgive everyone from the heart and remain in prayer.

Another man-made virus is coming; its purpose is to reduce the world’s population. Also, Satan will use North Korea and Iran to start World War III, which will be nuclear. Seven nuclear missiles will be permitted to strike the United States as a result of its abominations. Many nuclear missiles will be deflected by the Hand of God because America prays the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

FAUXTUS: A new poll asked voters if they want Biden to run for reelection in 2024. Democrats said No (64%) vs. Yes (26%). A whopping 94% of Democrats under the age of 30 said No.

FLAUXTUS: [1:00] – The Democratic Party is hemorrhaging Hispanic voters who, by the way, do not like the term LatinX. So naturally, Jill “call me DOCTOR” Biden went to a “Latinx IncluXion Luncheon” where she continued her fabled inability to pronounce Spanish words. CLICK [:38].

HUNTER: What a family ::smh:: [1:38] – Nasty text messages by Hunter about his stepmom Jill were found on an iPhone that was found backed up on Hunter’s laptop from hell. In them, he called her a “f___ng moron”, vindictive moron”, “entitled c–t”, “slut grammar teacher that wouldn’t survive one class in a ivy graduate program.” He also complained that his father has never called or visited when he was in rehab, “So that’s a little insane.

LIFE: A judge has allowed Indiana to follow its own law prohibiting abortionists from “knowingly or intentionally perform[ing] a dismemberment abortion unless reasonable medical judgment dictates that performing the abortion is necessary: (1) to prevent any serious health risk to the mother; or (2) to save the mother’s life.” This ban effectively limits abortions to 13 weeks or earlier when the fetus is still small enough to suction out.

Another judge has allowed Louisiana’s trigger law banning abortion after “fertilization and implantation”  in all cases except  ectopic pregnancies, pregnancies in which the infant could not survive postpartum, and physical threats to the mother’s life. The “implantation” distinction allows for chemical abortion via drugs that prevent the fertilized egg from implanting.

TERRORISM: Police sat in their squad cars and on their bicycles on July 1, watching as a terrorist group calling itself the “Reproductive Justice Union” (RJU) vandalized the home of Thomas Brejcha, the pro-life attorney who founded the Thomas More Society (TMS) and who serves as its president and chief counsel.

Fortunately, no one was home when the angry mob massed, chanting obscenities and “Death to America”, dropping smoke bombs, hurling paint bombs at the brick front of the house, porch, and door of the residence, tearing up an American flag, damaging the garden. and marking up the sidewalk and driveway with ‘F’ words, anarchist symbols, and ugly slogans like “No Gods, No Rulers” and “Abort the Supreme Court.” Despite the police having witnessed the event, no arrests have been made.

TRANS: Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf has vetoed a bill the legislature passed to prevent men from competing on women’s sports teams.

The Biden administration is paying a private company $1.5 million to develop a “transgender programming curriculum” to be used across all U.S. prisons. Its goal will be to teach trans inmates ways “to seek support for mental health concerns and skills to advocate for physical, emotional, and sexual health and safety.”

VAXXX: Newly obtained emails confirm what we already suspected – i.e., that the CDC changed its posted definition for both “vaccine” and “vaccinated” because people were pointing out that definitions didn’t seem to apply to the ‘rona jabs.

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has won the Grand Slam 21 times. He says he will sit out US Open rather than take COVID jab.

WHITE WASHED TOMBS: On July 8, 2022, the House of Deputies of the 80th General Convention of the Episcopal Church officially denounced the work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers and apologize for the Episcopal Church’s previous support of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Meanwhile, the piskies pals in the Church of England have ruled that that there is no official definition of what a woman is.

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