He likes to remember how strong he had to be

Tonight, after 2.5 years of living here, my oldest son sat down at the table with this.

He was about to chow down when I stopped him and asked what in the world he was doing.

He said, ‘I made myself dinner.’

‘But it isn’t cooked. I can cook that, you know.’

‘Well, I wanted to eat something I used to eat a lot with my old family.’

So, we sat down and I asked him to tell me about it.

He said that they wouldn’t feed him due to being passed out (you can guess why) and he would have to make dinner for himself and his brothers (ages 2 and 4 months when they came to us).

He said that all the money they had would be spent on cigarettes and other ‘fun things’ and so he would find change in their van and buy Ramen packets at the store down the street, at 6 years old!

He said he didn’t know how to boil water, so he would eat it like this. And, he actually grew to like it.

So, he would break it up for his siblings, and would try to make bottles for the baby (at 6!!!!!!).

I asked him to make me some.

I sat there beside him and crunched it down with lots of water because it’s not great…and he just started talking about how the first time I made them Ramen, he wouldn’t eat it and I told him I remembered.

He said it’s because it reminded him of his Ramen packets and he didn’t trust me (big thoughts for 9!).

He said he isn’t sad he’s not with his ‘old family’ (his words) anymore, but that sometimes HE LIKES TO REMEMBER HOW STRONG HE HAD TO BE.

I write this so everyone knows trauma isn’t healed quickly (sometimes never), and adoption doesn’t erase the past or the memories.

Kids can change, and they will change with love, but please never give up on a kid because ‘they are hard.’

I walked away in shock, in sadness, and so so so proud of how strong my baby is. He’s so wonderful. And, we love him so much.

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  1. red

    I’m proud of him, too. My youngest son was like that. He was my stepson and his father rejected him. His mother let her husband do anything he wanted, even beating the kid unconscious when he was 6. The father found a woman more suited to him, one with wealth and abandoned all of them. Bob would make breakfast, lunch and dinner for his baby sister because his mother didn’t care for them. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ‘raw’ hotdogs, anything that was in the house. A brother-in-law brought them food, what he could afford, then introduced me to the family. I was adopted on the spot 🙂 God bless and keep you strong.

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