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CLIMATE: CNN contributor and Atlantic senior editor Ron Brownstein published a piece in his rag in which he blamed summer on Republicans in general and on Joe Manchin, who represents coal-rich West Virginia, in particular. According to Brownstein, heat waves, wildfires, and drought are signs that “Mother Nature is entering a dissenting opinion on last month’s Supreme Court decision that weakened the federal government’s ability to combat climate change.” Do they actually believe this crap or is it just the Virtue Signal du Jour?

GOOD GUY WITH GUN: At 6 pm on Sunday evening, a man armed with a rifle and several magazines of ammo opened fire inside the Greenwood Park Mall in Indiana. A 22-year-old civilian who was legally carrying took him out almost as soon as he began. His quick action limited the shooter’s carnage to three dead and two injured.

POISON IVY: If you come into contact with poison ivy, you can avoid getting a rash by first removing all your clothes and putting them immediately into a hot wash. Then wash yourself with soap, hot water, and a wash cloth, using lots of each, on any area that may have touched the plant or anything that touched the plant. Remember that the oil transfers. Your pets can bring it inside on their fur!

Soap and hot water aren’t enough; you also need the friction of scrubbing. If in doubt, slather your skin with cooking oil, which will be easier to see than the poison ivy oil; then, scrub until that’s all gone. Don’t forget between your fingers! If you’ve got some, that stuff mechanics use to get oil off their hands probably works great.

And do NOT burn the plant. The oil goes into the smoke and you can get a poison ivy rash INSIDE your throat and lungs! Bundle it into plastic trash bags and send it to the landfill.

TRANS: Democrats are idiots. A biological male who is doing a 30-year bid in prison for manslaughter up and decided he’s a woman, cuz hmmm maybe he figured being locked up with women would be more fun? So anyway, New Jersey, being a Dumbocrat haven, sent him to a women’s prison, where he impregnated two of his fellow prisoners in what they say was consensual sex. So they’ve moved him out of the women’s prison … and into Garden State Youth Correctional Facility, a prison for young adult offenders. He’s 27 years old, but I suppose if he identifies as a juvenile … anything to avoid spending decades locked up with other men who are, you know, like, criminals, right? cuz never mind he killed somebody.

VAXXX: A recent study found that 42% of vaxxxed women who were having regular menstrual cycles at the time bled more heavily than usual after their COVID-19 vaccination, while 14% said they bled more lightly. Many of the women surveyed who do not menstruate (due to menopause or certain long-term contraceptives) experienced breakthrough or unexpected bleeding after the jabs. The survey included more than 39,000 women, 18 to 80 years old, who were fully vaccinated and had not contracted COVID-19.

GRAMMY NOTES: Fortunately, I had mostly finished breakfast when I got this text from Mama Buzz cuz ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ::gaspchoke:: I’m sorry that WordPress doesn’t have the breadth of goofy face emojis her phone has, cuz they added a lot to the experience. Try to use your imagination …

It’s after 10pm and here is the question Bunny gave me ‘what’s a virgin?’ (thankfully I know it’s because she reads and hears about Virgin Mary) Since she also hasn’t asked about how babies are made etc, I had the awkward ‘joy’ of explaining sex as well. Then, Bootz pipes up, ‘OK so how are babies made?’ Oh boy, these kids with their late night questions!I tried to explain as honestly but cleanly as possible. I also briefly touched on how, sadly, not everyone has sex the way God intended and that it should only be done within marriage, husband and wife with each other and no one else. And I made a point to thank them for bringing their questions to me and if they wanted to know more, maybe we could have those convos during the day.”

I replied, “Well done, Mama Bear! I remember a gal in my studio painting class saying her kid had asked ‘Where did I come from?’, and after she explained all the mechanics, he said, ‘Oh. Well, Charlie said he came from Toronto.’”


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