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1A: In 2017, Southwest Airlines fired a flight attendant for posting anti-abortion messages on her Facebook page. A jury in Dallas has awarded her $5.3 million in damages. If the verdict withstands appeal, she will get $4.1 million from the airline, plus $950,000 from the union that failed to defend her.

BIBLE: A recent survey divided American respondents into three groups: Scripture Engaged (consistently interact with the Bible), Scripture Disengaged (minimal interaction), and Movable Middle (sporadic interaction).

The survey then asked about the priorities of things like welcoming immigrants into one’s community, befriending people of other races, befriending people of other religions, caring for those who are in prison, caring for the environment, advocating for those who are oppressed by society, and generally being a good neighbor. The survey also asked about civic participation and mental health.

Across the board, the Scripture Engaged scored consistently higher, with the Scripture Disengaged scoring lowest and the Movable Middles scoring in between.

BORDER: Between January and June, 2022, more than 2 million illegals from more than 150 countries were encountered or apprehended at the U.S. southern border. This is the largest number in U.S. history.

Mayor “You’re a Raaacist” Bowser was all kinds of tolerant about illegals flooding into the country … until Arizona and Texas starting bussing them to her back yard. On Sunday, she reported that D.C.’s homeless shelters are overwhelmed. I think I just heard Greg Abbott snicker.

Meanwhile, far from trying to stem the tide, the FAUXTUS administration is trying to expand it by making it easier for illegals to come in by air.

COVID-19: Hospitals that mandated the ‘rona jab for all employees lost hundreds of employees who refused the experimental protocol. And now that the stupid vaxxxines are proving to have a negative impact on immunity, the remaining staff members, the ones who accepted the experimental injections, are getting COVID-19, leaving hospitalS with critical staff shortages.

ENERGY: FAUXTUS went to Saudi Arabia to ask them to pretty please increase their output. They told him to go suck an egg. Then the price of crude went up.

FAUXTUS: When prices were going up, Slow Joe said he couldn’t do anything about it. It was Putin’s fault and those eeeevil gas station owners who were doing it. Now they’re down a smitch (most likely because he raided our wartime reserve again), he’s spiking the football. Plus, you know, we’re not “saving” $25 a month on gas; we’re paying hundreds more per month than we did when Trump was in office. But, phew, no more mean tweets, right?

GOOD GUY WITH GUN: The anti-2d Amendment crowd are weeping and gnashing their teeth over the Good Samaritan’s swift take down of a wannabe mass shooter at the Greenwood Park Mall in Greenwood, Indiana, on Sunday. Their arguments make no sense, of course. But then, neither do the idiotic things lefties are saying about Roe. Click if you must, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

PERSECUTION: In Egypt, Muslims outnumber Christians 9 to 1. In general, Egyptian Christians are treated as second-class citizens, with outright persecution ranging from Christian women being harassed while walking in the street to Christian communities being driven out of their homes by extremist mobs. In April, a Coptic Priest was stabbed to death and another Christian man was shot 22 times and killed.

Many Muslims believe it is illegal for Christians to repair old or build new churches or to operate social services. So whenever a church is built, legalized, or repaired — or is merely rumored to be built, legalized, or repaired — local Muslims riot and attack the Copts. Authorities frequently respond by appeasing the rioters and rescinding the church’s legal status, effectively shutting it down.

NPR: On Friday, National Public Radio (NPR) announced the creation of a “Disinformation Reporting Team.” This is the same “news” organization (funded by tax dollars) that once published an article about why they would not report on Hunter Biden’s laptop, that depicted Jussie Smollett as a victim of white supremacist Trump lovers, and that called the protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin “peaceful” and the two career criminals who tried to kill Kyle Rittenhouse “daily fixtures at the protests against police shootings and racial inequality.”

PROGRESSIVE BOSSES: Staffers in 8 U.S. House offices have filed to form the first union in Congress. They all work for “justice” Democrats like AOC and Ilhan Omar. Organizers say that a culture of abuse sparked their move, citing excessive work loads for pay so low that some are on food stamps and can’t afford rent.

PUBLIC EDUCATION: A new Gallup poll shows that only 28% of Americans have a “great deal/quite a lot” of confidence in the public school system. It was 62% in 1975.

The New York City public school system is the largest in the country with approximately 760K students. Over the past five years, they’ve lost 120,000 students and, this fall, expect 28K+ fewer to enroll. Meanwhile, charter and private schools are growing rapidly.

SAN FRANCISCO: On June 7, voters recalled the leftist DA that George Soros helped get elected. The new DA, Brooke Jenkins, has been busy cleaning house, firing at least 15 employees from the prosecutor’s office who are soft on crime. One of them whined in a statement that she had been “the highest-ranking Latina/LGBTQ member of the management team at that office.” I’m thinking that right there tells you all you need to know about her priorities.

VAXXX: In many other parts of the world, live birth rates took a suddenly nose dive in January of 2022. The change started nine months after people of child-bearing age started to be vaxxxed. Igor Chudov noted that, in Germany, where nothing significant happened with abortion laws, the rate of abortions also declined, suggesting unplanned conceptions also declined.

Of course, the PTBs are claiming it’s got nothing to do with the vaxxx. And if the birth rate drops even further, in line with the increased numbers who got the jab, I’m sure they’ll blame climate change. Meanwhile, in secret rooms around the world, Global Elites are laughing and drinking toasts to the success of their plan to reduce the world’s population.

VIOLENCE: Three of the teachers in the Sheltered English Immersion program at Charlestown High School in Boston are busily indoctrinating immigrant ninth- and tenth-graders with left-wing, anti-American, pro-violence propaganda. The curricula are allegedly part of the Humanities program. Once upon a time, public education was about producing good citizens; now it’s about producing angry rebels.

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  1. Gun buy-backs/trade-ins will happen quickly when it comes to getting food.
    Everyone will have an opportunity to be a Mother Teresa. Thank you for the reminder of this dear Saint.

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