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BORDER: FAUXTUS doesn’t want us to know how many illegals are dying while trying to sneak across his porous border. Crossing deaths along the southern border from FY1998 to FY2020 were reported to Congress; 300 illegals died crossing in FY2019, 247 in FY2000.

Reporting stopped once the Biden administration took over CBP. The Epoch Times has made multiple requests to CBP for the missing data, which you’d think would be FOIA fodder. CBP doesn’t respond. Doing some actual journalism has turned up that 111 illegals have died while crossing just during June. And another 53 died in that awful abandoned tractor-trailer they found outside San Antonio.

In Texas, Brooks County Sheriff’s Deputy Don White routinely walks a route illegals use to evade law enforcement. In 2020, he found 34 dead migrants. Last year, he found 130. He’s up to 64 this year.

CATHOLIC: [7:22] – Be sure to listen prayerfully to the video if you are bothered about things like Cardinal Dolan endorsing Fr. James Martin’s dissident LGBT activism and, even worse, the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops (LCCB) coming out in favor of the abortifacient “morning after” pill in cases of rape. It will help.

CDC: Since the pandemic began, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has touted the dangers of cruises. On Monday, they suddenly announced they won’t being doing that any more. Call me cynical, but I’m thinking that when it served the Globalist Elites’ agenda of destroying businesses and discouraging the masses from having any fun, they were happy to broadcast case numbers. But now that all-vaxxx cruises have become hotbeds of ‘rona outbreaks, they’re suddenly ready to let the cruise companies “handle their own testing and mitigation.

FAUXTUS: [:41] – Slow Joe seemed to say that he had cancer because of oil refinery emissions. Or something. The White House has clarified the President had had ‘non-melanoma’ skin cancer before taking office last year. I have no idea what oil refineries had to do with it. Also not clear why it’s okay to beg Saudi Arabia to drill and refine our oil, but not for us to do it for ourselves.

FEMS vs. TRANS: Belligerent pro-abortion feminists led the way down the slippery slope, but now they’re being shoved aside by Satan’s new favorite bastard stepchild. In 2019, a 39-year-old British mother was arrested in front of her children and locked up in a cell for “misgendering” a trannie on Twitter, a 74-year-old woman was contacted by the cops in Suffolk and asked to remove social media posts critical of transgenderism, and a British father of four was investigated by police for retweeting a limerick about transgenderism. The graphic above is from that incident.

And it’s getting worse. In 2021, a man in Norway was actually given a 21-day prison sentence and a fine of 15,000 krone for “insulting” and “misgendering” a trans person on Facebook. And now a Norwegian feminist has been charged with hate crimes for tweeting a trannie, “You are a man. You cannot be a mother. To normalize the idea that men can be mothers is a defined form of discrimination against women.” If convicted, she could face up to three years in prison.

FORMULA: On July 18, the New York Post reported that the shortages are worse than ever. The article notes, “If you’re in a WIC program and your state’s contracted with Similac that’s all you can buy. So if Similac is not on the shelf, you’re out of luck.”

GAY MARRIAGE: Forty-seven House Republicans joined the Democrats in voting to codify same-sex marriage into law. The bill now heads to the Senate, where 10 Republican votes are needed to overcome the filibuster threshold.

MASKS: A new study that cultured used face masks found 99% of the samples had bacterial colonies growing on the inside of the mask, while 94% had them on the outside as well. In addition, 79% of the samples had fungal colonies on the inside, while 95% had them on the outside. (Those numbers are right; I doubled checked. More bacteria inside; more fungus outside.)

Most of the species were non-pathogenic, but some – like staphylococcus aureus, bacillus cereus, staphylococcus saprophyticus, and pseudomonas luteola – are dangerous.

Several studies of mask usage failed to find any positive correlation with mask wearing and, in some studies, there appeared to be harmful consequences. In fact, a German researcher found that areas with mask mandate had ∼50% more deaths than areas without them.

OPPRESSION THEATER: CLICK [5:50] to see NewsMax report. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said of AOC’s publicity stunt, “That’s pretty much what she is and that’s what she’s been the entire time she’s been a member of Congress.

ROE: The so-called “Pink House” was Mississippi’s last remaining abortion facility and home to the former Jackson Women’s Health Organization of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization fame.

VAXXX: We’ve all seen how people who got the jabs are now getting the ‘rona in huge numbers. A Yale epidemiology professor explains why this is happening. The mRNA experimental inoculants produced by Pfizer and Moderna both send messenger RNA into muscle cells, where it teaches them to produce a piece of the original spike protein. This in turn triggers the production of antibodies.

BUT, the original spike protein is long gone so, unlike true natural immunity, which reacts to the whole of the virus instead of just one teensy piece of it, vaxxx-generated antibodies are not only useless against the mutant ‘ronas, but actually interfere with the immune system’s efforts to fight them.

GRAMMY NOTES: “Marian year” is a designation given by the Catholic Church to calendar years in which the Blessed Mother of Our Lord is to be particularly reverenced and celebrated. These do not follow a set pattern and may be declared locally by a bishop for his diocese or by a national conference of bishops for a country. In Church history, only two global Marian years have been pronounced. I was born in Mary’s Month (May), during the first one in 1954, which was promulgated by Pope Pius XII. The other, declared by Pope John Paul II, was in 1987.

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