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CLICKBAIT: [18:57] – Anne Reardon explains clickbait. It reminds me of slot machines.

DEMOCRATS: CLICK [6:27] for seven minutes of them saying we need to defund the police. Now that violence has skyrocketed (who woulda thunk!), they’re suddenly claiming they never, ever said that. If you think they did, it must be some dirty Republican you’re thinking of. I’m sure.

EUCHARISTIC MIRACLE: [5:48] – I have already posted about the viral video of a consecrated host in a monstrance that, for about half a minute, pulsed like a human heart. This event took place on July 24, 2022 in Mexico. The church was full when this happened and many people filmed the event on their cell phones. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us! Somebody manipulated one of the many videos of the event to make the pulsing easier to see, then showed how much it looks like ultrasound images of a beating heart.

FAUCI: On Monday, Doctor I AM the Science! claimed, “I didn’t recommend locking anything down. Go back and look at my statements.” Okay, let’s do that.

In October 2020, Fauci publicly recommended that former President Donald Trump “shut the whole country down … completely the way China did.

And again in August 2020, he said public schools, bars and restaurants should remain closed across the country.

Why is it that Democrats think they can rewrite history any time they like?

FAUXTUS: Some folks have been suggesting that the two Joe Bidens who gave speeches on the same day were not the same person. Tweeter Bill Byrd and I had the same thought: “Before and after his meds.”

I looked closely at the images and, honestly, I doubt you’re ever going to find a body double who can withstand brightly lit close ups to begin with, much less one whose ears and nasolabial folds are a match. Also, the less realistic Biden is the one with unblinking eyes. Why would they use a body double to make him look worse?

GAS PRICES: As soon as FAUXTUS got his foot in the door of the Oval Office, he reversed every energy independence thing Trump had done. Gas prices rose, as he had promised us they would. It’s what the global elites want. First he said the president couldn’t control gas prices and blamed it on “transitory inflation.” Then he blamed it on “Putin’s price hike“, then on “price gouging gas stations.” Now he’s spinning $4.30/gallon as a win for his administration. “Gas prices have declined by an average of 60 cents per gallon over the past 38 days. Five straight weeks of gas prices coming down.

HEPATITIS: [20:26] – Dr. Campbell explains that the cause of the recent outbreak of very serious hepatitis in children is not related to either COVIS-19 or the vaxxx. It does appear to be related to the lockdowns. Children ordinarily get exposed to and develop immunity to a very common virus at a young enough age that it doesn’t cause serious symptoms. Because of lockdown, kids missed this exposure until later when it does cause serious symptoms.

MARK OF THE BEAST: Those who do not comply will not be allowed to buy or sell. – Earlier this week, Twitter locked out Moms For Liberty for tweeting a truth about gender dysphoria; the group’s most recent tweet is from July 25. Now PayPal has frozen their account!

PROJECT VERITAS: [14:51] – James O’Keefe reviews PV’s ongoing defamation suit with the New York Times. So far, it has survived a motion to dismiss, which the Times has appealed. In the appeal, Times lawyers make some astonishing claims. Watch to hear about them.

RECESSION: [4:03] – Until five minutes ago, the definition of a recession was when a nation’s GDP dropped two quarters in a row. The 2Q report just came out and America’s GDP has dropped for the second quarter in a row.

But FAUXTUS has informed us that two consecutive quarters of negative growth doesn’t necessarily indicate the country is in a recession! Silly people, thinking words have meanings other than those assigned to them by the Global Elites! If the State says 2+2=5, then 2+2=5, dammit.

S&G: [Bolding by CtH.] – In June, the DOJ published a report called “Violent Victimization by Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, 2017-2020” that said homo- and bi-sexuals are assaulted significantly more often than are heterosexuals. I expect this report will be tooted about by Democrats in their ongoing quest to promote the sexually perverse as a favored victim class. And of course, they’ll place all the blame for the assaults on homo- and trans-“phobes.”

But I notice a glaring absence in the data, which is, “Who did the victimizing?”The closest bit I saw was this. “Domestic violence was eight times as high among bisexual persons (32.3 victimizations per 1,000 persons age 16 or older) and more than twice as high among lesbian or gay persons (10.3 per 1,000) as it was among straight persons (4.2 per 1,000).”

Also, in the category of “intimate partner violence” (violence performed by a current or former intimate partner), the assault rate for bixsexuals is over 8 times that of straights. It shouldn’t be surprising, since “bisexual” suggests there is a three-or-more thing going on, which whether consensual or not, is rife with opportunities for jealous rages.

Domestic and intimate partner suggest these people are not being beat up by heterosexual “-phobes,” but by their own sexual partners. And this is backed up by two other studies. In 2018, the American Journal of Men’s Health reported that almost half of the homosexual men surveyed said they had experienced “some form of intimate partner abuse.” And a 2013 DOJ-funded report said that homosexual youths were “148 per cent more likely to be physically abused in relationships.”

The other point I didn’t see anywhere is what kinds of behaviors the homo-, bi-, and trans- victims were engaging in when they were assaulted by strangers. E.g., if a homosexual got beat up at a gay bondage party or while cruising alleys and bars for casual sex, that would kind of matter.

TUCKER: [12:38] – He lists the sins of the Dems that they’re hoping we’ll forget.

TWITTER: Dr. Andrew Bostom has been permanently suspended for this tweet.

GRAMMY NOTES: I’m so pleased with how this one turned out. My favorite painting teacher is British; I’m always wanting to say “chuffed” instead of “pleased” :-). Anyway, I posted this in her FB group and got this wonderful compliment from a fellow watercolorist: “We breed birds and you have reason to be pleased. You captured the exhaustion of one and surprise of the other.

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