End Time Prophecy

On July 24, 2022, Luz de Maria de Bonilla said the Blessed Mother gave her this message [8:02]. Transcript below.

Beloved people of my Son, beloved children, I draw near to each of my own to offer my hands at this moment of blindness, when the evil oppressor of souls has sent his emissaries to blindfold as many as possible. Maintain your constant practice of God’s Law, of the Sacraments, of the Beatitudes and other pious goals. Not giving the enemy respite, my Son’s People must constantly grow in the spiritual life in order to grow deeper and be more closely united to my Divine Son.”

Practice the corporal and spiritual works of mercy so that you would aspire to the good and not fall prey to those that wish to blindfold you so that you would not fulfill them, would not act in the good and so your hearts would be hardened. Be assured that every act of love for your neighbor and for love of God is a wellspring of blessings for you, even if you do not ask for them.”

My children are those who within themselves recognize that they are sinners, meek of heart and who deeply love my Divine Son above all else. Children, fight evil with good. It is the good that should flourish within you at this time. Even if you are viewed with indifference and rejection, this leads you to become more like my Divine Son.”

People of my Son, war is progressing and humanity does not see it. Pray, people of my Son: war is positioning itself to pounce forcefully and unexpectedly.

Pray, people of my Son, pray: a new plague will be the cry of the powerful. Homes will again become shelters for their inhabitants and borders will be closed.”

Pray, people of my Son! You will be offered the mark when you are hungry. Refuse!”

Children, nature will be modified by the powers in their struggle for supremacy. Some will modify the climate and others the tectonic faults. Not everything that happens is the work of nature. Remain attentive: do not forget that the sun is doing damage to the Earth, exacerbating suffering.

Pray. A powerful person will fall in a political betrayal; he will be killed and there will be chaos on the Earth.

People of my Son, communism is advancing and world hunger is one of its great weapons.”

The church of my Son is in shadow. My Son’s church is undergoing persecution in small countries, which will later progress to the great nations. Do not lose faith; continue being faithful to my Divine Son. You are heading toward the Purification and some of my children are becoming tired and overwhelmed by the wait, and yet they continue in constant expectation as in the depths of their hearts they hear, ‘You must bear fruit for eternal life.’

I am the mother of humanity and I suffer because so many of my children who, having been called to be lighted lamps have become conceited and do not illuminate their surroundings, becoming mixed with the things of the world.”

Children, come to me and walk in the True Way, led by my hand. Come to me and I will lead you to my Divine Son. Give me your hands without fear and be ready to walk without looking sideways, but only toward My Son. I bless you, beloved; do not fear.

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