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2A: One word … MIDTERMS.

BORDER: [5:36] – Now that Democrats are being inconvenienced by the flood of illegals, criminals, and drugs, plus oopsie, they’re way down in the midterm polls … they’re going to fill in some of the gaps in the wall. Remember when Biden wasted a ton of money and put a bunch of people out of work by canceling construction that was already paid for?

BRING ON THE LAWSUITS: A group of health care workers has won an important legal victory over their former employer, NorthShore University HealthSystem in Illinois, which refused to acknowledge religious exemptions to their vaxxx mandate. There will be money and an opportunity to return to work in this first-of-its-kind settlement. I’m just sorry it is restricted to religious objections and did not include the fact that the vaxxxes were and continue to be experimental, ineffective, and dangerous.

CANCEL CULTURE: [4:27] – Jonathan Turley talks about the backlash against Justice Thomas for daring to help tear down Roe.

CHOICE: The Left doesn’t actually believe in it. CLICK to see images of what anti-choicers have done to pregnancy resources centers since May. These places provide free medical and financial support to pregnant women and new mothers – i.e., choices other than abortion. This is intolerable to the “Shout Your Abortion” left.

CLASSY: Dems are so good at promoting unity to heal the deep division in our culture. /sarc

I am underwhelmed to see Sanchez is wearing a cross in the banner photo at her congressional website. What a hypocrite. Let us hope and pray that the midterm elections turn out like that game did. The Republicans won 10-0.

EDUCATION: Richland School District Two in South Carolina made an attempt to keep parents and other concerned individuals from learning what was in the public schools’ libraries. Parents found a back door and found the PTBs were hiding dozens of pro-trans, pro-gay, pro-pornography, and anti-conservative-values titles in elementary, middle and high school libraries. One of the books says Trump and the Founding Fathers were racists. Another is a graphic novel containing sexually explicit content.

LEFTY REALITY: [3:49] – Samantha Markle is suing her half-sister, Meghan, for defamation over her comments during an Oprah Winfrey interview in which she detailed the struggles of being an only child. Meghan’s lawyer says Samantha has no case, because clearly the Duchess didn’t literally mean she was an only child. Except, yeah, that’s exactly what she said. The panel discusses if this was defamatory. I’m thinking that having someone essentially wipe away your existence is pretty darn hostile. Whether that qualifies legally as defamatory, I couldn’t say.

NEW WORLD ORDER: The World Economic Forum has issued a report noting that there aren’t enough critical metals such as cobalt, lithium, and nickel, to provide electric cars for everyone. Well, duh. There’s no such thing as a “transition to clean energy.” What there is is a Global Elitist agenda to prevent the hoi polloi from having the independence a personal vehicle provides. Ditto the protection personal firearms provide. They want to take us to a global version of the feudal days, when serfs were easy to control and exploit, because they couldn’t travel or defend themselves.

NEW YORK: A New York judge has thrown out an attempt by the state’s Department of Health to give the commissioner the power to order quarantining for anyone, anywhere, at any time.

NIMBY: Democrats are about as welcoming to illegals as they are to unplanned fetuses. When Biden opened our border, Texas and Arizona were overwhelmed and decided to bus illegals to D.C. After all, it’s a Democrat city with a history of welcoming illegals! Right?

Wrong. DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is Seriously Annoyed that she’s having to actually feed, house, etc. a teeny tiny fraction of the illegals who have flooded across our border. She has reportedly even requested that the district’s National Guard be activated to assist.

House Judiciary Committee member Chip Roy said of Bowser’s troubles: “Cry me a frickin’ river –  welcome to the party, pal.

PELOSI: CLICK [1:37] to hear a bizarre, slurring speech by the #3 in line for the White House. We are so screwed.

ST. CHARBEL: Saint Charbel Makhlouf was a Maronite monk and priest who lived in Lebanon during the 19th c. He gained a wide reputation for holiness and for his ability to unite Christians and Muslims. He was canonized in 1977 and has many miraculous cures attributed to his intercession.

S&G: Students at Grace Church [Episcopal] School in downtown Manhattan used one of its weekly mandatory chapel services to host a drag show. Students report there was “tons of pressure” to act approvingly and to “pretend like it was normal.”

TRANS: After six minors developed pseudotumor cerebri (PTC), the FDA added a warning to the puberty-blocking drug they were taking. Five of the girls were being treated for precocious puberty and one for transgender “care.” Untreated, PTC can lead to progressive (and possibly permanent) loss of vision. Meanwhile, President Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health “Rachel” Levine insists that dosing minors up with hormones that block puberty is “life-saving, medically necessary, age-appropriate, and a critical tool for health care providers.” Or, you know, it’s child abuse. Take your pick.

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