COVID-19 Update

Last week, FAUXTUS tested positive, went into isolation, was treated with Paxlovid, tested negative, and came out of isolation.

On Saturday, he tested positive again and has been sent back into isolation. His physician says it’s a “rare” rebound case that is seen in a “small” percentage of patients treated with the anti-viral drug Paxlovid.

Dr. Fauci and thousands of other vaxxxed and boosted individuals have experienced the same “rare” rebound. In fact, it’s common enough that Igor Chudov predicted on July 27 that Biden would test positive again in four days. He also noted that Fauci’s rebound lasted about three weeks, not the 3-5 days the CDC is saying.

Chudov writes, “Why did Dr. Fauci’s COVID bout last 26 days instead of 5-6 days, as was the usual case prior to vaccines? The answer can be seen after examining what repeated ‘COVID vaccinations’ do to immune systems, and understanding Paxlovid’s role better.

Paxlovid is not a magic STOP button that kills all active virions of Sars-Cov-2 and ends the illness. It is a protease inhibitor that puts puts on hold a key stage of viral replication called ‘cleaving’. It can be best described as a SNOOZE button, that pauses viral replication for 5 days, just as the SNOOZE button would pause your alarm clock for 5 minutes. The 5-day treatment ends, and a few days after that the replication process, paused by Paxlovid, is able to restart.

In early trials, Paxlovid was helpful to unvaccinated patients, whose undamaged immune systems were able to mount an adequate response and suppress any new virions that emerged from infected cells, where replication was paused by Paxlovid. So, Paxlovid appeared to work in unvaccinated people by stopping replication for 5 days, as 5 days was enough to develop a robust response.

However, science has established that boosted people, whose immune systems are damaged by repeat transfections of spike-protein-generating mRNA nanoparticles, have problems with viral clearance and need much more time to clear live, replicating virions.

So, since boosted people are slow to mount an effective immune response, and have no defenses developed by Day 5 of Paxlovid treatment, their infection essentially restarts again after a five-day pause. Why the slow immune response? Because of immune tolerance arising from repeated spike protein antigen shots, as seen with allergy shots, where tolerance is the intended effect.

Fauci and Biden received four antigen shots of mRNA, making ‘Covid spike protein’. If you heard of such repeat antigen shots before the pandemic, it is possibly because you or your loved ones received ‘allergy shots’. The purpose of allergy shots is very noble: give people repeated shots of allergens like pollen, have people develop ‘tolerance’ to the antigen, and stop allergies from reducing our quality of life. I received allergy shots myself. It helped somewhat.

However, Sars-Cov-2 is NOT pollen! Unlike pollen, which should not cause immune overreaction, a dangerous virus is supposed to cause a robust immune response, high fever, muscle pains, and other symptoms of the immune system giving a strong reaction that ends viral infections quickly.

Instead of seeing the viral antigen as a sign to start a battle against the virus, the immune system says “oh well, another spike protein injection” and ignores it. That allows the virus to multiply unchecked and cause immense damage by killing various cells and hurting our cardiovascular systems and more. The infected person feels less fever and less discomfort than they would feel from a robust immune reaction, so the illness feels ‘milder’, but this is actually a bad thing because the virus multiplies unopposed.

Tolerance takes time to take effect due to the slow production of IgG4, so it does not happen right after a booster dose injection. Once tolerance takes effect, the virus is no longer seen as an ‘enemy’, to the same extent as it should be seen.

Tolerance ultimately makes deaths ‘from Covid’ look like deaths ‘with Covid’. If a spike-tolerant boosted person dies from a heart attack that happens due to overexpression of the virus, it may seem unrelated. But it is NOT unrelated.

If Joe Biden is like Tony Fauci, he will have symptoms and quite a few more days of ongoing and unpleasant illness. I hope that he recovers eventually.”

P.S.: Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine do not give rebounds.


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  1. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see some vaccine true believer who now has covid talking about how awful they feel, and how bad covid is, and so on ad nauseam… and then capping it off by saying “I’m SO thankful I was vaccinated and boosted, because if it’s this bad after being vaccinated and boosted, just think how horrible it would be if I hadn’t!” Apparently in addition to all the other unfortunate (and sometimes fatal) side effects we’ve seen so far, the vaccine also turns people’s brains into scrambled eggs.

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