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PRAYERS PLEASE: Dearest is having his heart valve replaced this morning. UPDATE: The procedure went well and he is resting comfortably. I expect to have him back home tomorrow. 🙂 ❤

APPROVALS: Biden’s sixth-quarter Gallup approval average is the lowest for any elected president since Gallup has been doing the survey. And if the Independents in the graph above were in the middle, between Democrats and Republicans, they’d be at 41%, not 31%.

BORDER: Texas border patrol agents seized $2.1 million worth of liquid methamphetamine from a vehicle at the Rio Grande City Port of Entry. The driver was an unidentified 41-year-old American citizen.

END TIMES PROPHECY: Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on July 19 and 23, 2022 [4:28] – In part, “Even my Son was persecuted and, so too, will you be. My children, you will be greatly attacked by evil, but listen to my words. Be strong in prayer; be soldiers of light. … Hurricanes will increase. Soon there will be a terrorist attack brought about by evil. … New viruses will arise; your freedom hangs in the balance.”

FRACTAL WOOD BURNING: This extremely dangerous craft uses a high-voltage electrical current to burn lightning-like patterns into wood. Nevertheless, YouTube still has many videos showing how to do it. I’m so glad to know that YouTube is concerned with us getting only good quality FACTS that protect and preserve our health. Oh wait, that only applies to videos that suggest the vaxxx is ineffective and dangerous and/or that claim hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin are effective and safe. But craft how-tos that have killed more than two dozen people (while making YouTube a crapload of ad revenue) somehow don’t violate YT’s sacred Community Standards!

MONKEYPOX: British researchers say the current iteration of monkeypox has some new symptoms, including rectal pain, penile swelling, solitary lesions and swollen tonsils. All of the 197 confirmed monkeypox cases examined at an infectious disease center in London between May and July 2022 were in men. Only one had not had sex with other men. More than one third (36%) also had HIV, while 32% had some other STD.

NIGERIA: Islamic persecution of Christians continues unabated. In mid-July, two Catholic priests were kidnapped and one of them was later killed. Another Catholic was kidnapped; police ignored his calls for help. Then on Monday, an estimated 36 Christians were kidnapped from a village and taken to an unknown location.

RACISM: It’s not an innate feature. It’s TAUGHT.

UK: [19:36] – FIVE British police arrested a British veteran and took him away in cuffs, because someone was “caused anxiety” by something he posted on Facebook. For the short version, CLICK [:32]. “If you want to know who rules over you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize.” – George Orwell

SHORTS: Click for laughs and other good stuff today! The first two especially crack me up, because I was once in a choir that did Carmina Burana. I’m pretty sure the lyrics to the little bit of music at the end of the first one are, “Fate – monstrous and empty, you whirling wheel, you are malevolent.” The second one is definitely, “Oh Fortuna, velut luna” which is “Oh Fortune, Like the Moon.” The next part would go “is changing, You’re always growing and decreasing. Foul life.” LOLOL – dog carmina burana 1 – dog carmina burana 2 – dog get out the pool – dog neighbor’s dog preggers – corps – airmen

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