Come soon, Lord Jesus!

As a result of Pope Francis’ latest assault on conservative Catholics, the Bishop of the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, has ordered 13 parishes to stop offering the Latin Mass. He is allowing eight to continue celebrating the rite, but bans them from publishing the schedules in their bulletins, parish websites or social-media channels!

And five of these eight may not celebrate the Latin Mass inside their churches! I’m thinking this means they cannot celebrate Mass where the Holy Eucharist is reserved within the Tabernacle. Some churches have the Tabernacle behind the altar while others have a Tabernacle Chapel off to the side somewhere.

I’m not very familiar with the Latin Mass, but I’ve been watching videos and noticed how often the Tabernacle is reverenced with genuflecting and incense. It really feels like a huge slap in the face for the PTBs to force the faithful to celebrate it where there is no Tabernacle.

I’m also completely gobsmacked by what is going on at the “Faith Community of St. Sabina” (not Roman Catholic Church) in Chicago. This is apparently a typical Sunday Mass in this largely Black parish. The length doesn’t bother me; the Latin Mass above is a similar length. And I get that this is pretty typical of Black worship services … very long and emotional, with lots of music, dancing, and really loud preaching.

It’s totally not my cup of tea, but they do actually get around to doing the Consecration and distributing Eucharist with very reverent music, so that’s good. However, this parish appears to have just two weekend Masses. They’re very busy with social action stuff, but prayer is practically nonexistent. There are no daily Masses, no scheduled Confessions, no Adoration, no Rosaries … in fact, nothing of a sacred or spiritual nature. The word “Catholic” doesn’t even appear anywhere in the Sunday bulletin! And THIS is the cover:

Compare that with these excerpts from my parish’s website:

So, riddle me this, Pope Francis and your good buddy, Bishop Cupich of Chicago … how come St. Sabina’s is allowed to operate the way it does, while the priests and faithful who love the Latin Mass are being treated like lepers?

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