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ARGUING WITH FOOLS: Donkey told Elephant that grass is blue. Elephant said it is green. After the discussion became heated, they submitted it to the King of the Jungle for arbitration.

When Donkey asked Lion to punish Elephant for constantly contradicting and annoying him about this issue, Lion declared Elephant must be silent for three days.

After Donkey ran off to tell everyone how he had won, Elephant asked, “Your Majesty, why have you punished me? We both know that grass is green.

Lion replied, “Your punishment is not about the color of grass. It is to teach you not to waste your time or mine arguing with asses.

END TIMES PROPHECY: [4:21] – In the video, Daniel O’Connor urges us to be prepared for The Warning so we can be useful to the Lord during that small window of time He is going to provide during which we can evangelize without Satan’s interference. The other day, when I was saying my daily rosary, I had an image appear in my mind of a little table at the end of my driveway, with a basket of rosaries and “how to pray the rosary” pamphlets on it. I did some shopping and found inexpensive bundles of 100 each rosaries and pamphlets. We have fewer than 50 houses in our little development, so The Mascots are going to put a rosary and a pamphlet each into a zippy bag, send 50 to me, and keep 50 for their neighborhood. If I’m right about The Warning and the subsequent period of peace fulfilling the Jewish holy days of repentance*, then we only have a few more weeks left.

*See “Get yourselves prayed up, people!” @

GROOMING: CLICK [1:03] and pray for this poor child.

MONKEYPOX: Despite the fact that the virus is only 0.03% fatal and is primarily spread through skin-to-skin contact among men who have sex with other men, three states have declared it an imminent threat to public health. They are New York (1,573 confirmed cases, mostly in NYC and adjacent counties = 0.008% of total population), Illinois (533 confirmed cases, locations not listed, or 0.004% of total population), and California (786 confirmed cases, mostly in LA and SF = 0.002% of total population).

PELOSI: On Monday, she arrived in Singapore. Who is the guy in the photo and why is Nancy CLUTCHING his hand? I looked up the people she is reportedly traveling and meeting with and that guy isn’t among them. Did she get sloshed at the reception and need somebody to hold her up? Are her meds not working? CLICK [1:37] to see a video of her being incoherent just last Thursday.

POPE FRANCIS: On July 27, Pope Francis participated in a pagan smudging ceremony conducted by an indigenous Elder. At the end, John-Henry Westen shows the enormous outdoor area that had been prepared for the expected crowds that did not arrive. [7:44] – On August 1, Archbishop Viganò said that the pope’s participation in the pagan smudging ceremony was an “act of submission to the New World Order.” Then he asked why Francis is apologizing for sins the RCC never committed?

He says the Oblates of Mary Immaculate “were the only defenders of the traditional language and way of life of the Indians of Canada, unlike the government and the Anglican Church, which insisted on an integration that uprooted the indigenous people from their origins.”

He also reiterates that the so-called genocide of indigenous peoples at Catholic schools was an “absolutely false media campaign that was supported by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a pupil of Klaus Schwab and a notorious proponent of globalism and the Davos Agenda. …

Both have been sponsored in their careers by the anti-Christian globalist elite. Both have been placed at the head of an institution with the task of demolishing it and dispersing its members. Both are betrayers of their role, of justice, and of truth. …

The day will come when he will be called to render an account of his administration. … [In the meantime], let us pray and do penance, in order to remove from us the punishments that these scandals call down upon the Church and the world. Let us invoke the intercession of the Martyrs of Canada, who have been outraged by the accuser who is seated on the Throne of Peter, so that they may obtain from the Throne of God the liberation of the Church from the present scourge.

RELIGION: Jaelene Daniels, a Christian player for the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) chose to miss a game on Friday night instead of wearing the “Pride” jersey her team was scheduled to wear. In 2017, she turned down an offer to play for the U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) due to that team’s plan to wear pride-themed jerseys.

SAN FRANCISCO: CLICK [1:03] to see what George Soros and his Global Elite ilk want for all of America.

TRANS REGRET: A British woman says she was diagnosed with gender dysphoria and put on testosterone after just two hours of counseling. Five months later, they cut off her breasts. She later developed health problems from the testosterone that nobody told her about and is back to living as a woman … minus the breasts God gave her.

WYOMING: CLICK [1:40] to hear CNN interview Wyoming citizens about Liz Cheney.

GRAMMY NOTES: I really need to make Bootz a new apron!

SHORTS: Click for laughs and other good stuff. – dog welcome home – dog who did this – speed turtle – backwards truck – dog smells steak


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  1. Oh, that top photo looks so painful. It’s just a little over a year since I fell down the back door steps at Mom’s, scarring myself up pretty badly but fortunately not cracking my skull on the brick. Also, fortunately, I was not tangled up with a ladder!

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