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[12:58] – Dr. John Campbell goes over the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut report on suspected adverse events following doses of the ‘rona jabs from Dec 27, 2020 (start of the vaccination campaign in Germany) through March 31, 2022. The link to English version of the report is below.

Adverse events were defined as “noxious and unintended reactions to the medicinal product.” Overall rate: 1.7 per 1,000 doses (0.17%). Serious rate = 1 per 5,000 doses (0.02%).

Multiple German commenters on the video say the rates are much lower than real life.

Hardly anyone can get a Doc to file a side effect of any kind in Germany.”

The authorities in Germany were very much not interested in the side effects of the vaccines. People with strange symptoms after the vaccination were often not taken seriously, neither from the Doctors nor the authorities. … In addition to that, most Doctors had not the time to file a report and they also did not get paid for that (or not enough).”

I am from Germany and I remember that a recent study of a health insurance company BKK collected their own data and … recently published … adverse effects [rate was] at 2.3%.”

I live in Germany and it is my experience that doctors were only interested in severe reactions to vaccines. I know of many people who complained to their doctor about a reaction and were met with disinterest. The attitude was that we should consider ourselves lucky that the reaction wasn’t severe.”

i am from Germany. The datas are not right, there is a massive underreporting more than 10 % to X %. I work at a Health Assurance and our datas from ICD-Nr. are a lot higher.”

I also live in Germany and know through my work at least 15 people with more or less severe adverse events and dozens of stories and only one case was recognized or even reported.”

I live in Germany … the data is missing a high number of cases … since the submission process is cumbersone (takes > 30 min) and there is no financial reward. … On the other hand when Health insurance companies e.g. BBK Provita have checked for the diagnose of “reaction to Covid vaccination” there is roughyl a 5% rate of these after a shot.”

doctors in germany were even taken to court for saying that their patients had such a thing as an adverse event or that the vax might cause harm.”

I was curious what kind of adverse event numbers are associated with common, well-tested vaccines (that are actually vaccines). My kids were born with allergies, so their doctor and I were very cautious about which vaccines they got. One that he said they absolutely should get was the MMR, because the diseases are devastating and viral, while the vaccine had been on the market for many years and was relatively speaking a much safer choice.

So I looked up the MMR at the CDC. The summary of the risks includes:

  • 1 in 10,000 children have a febrile seizure in the week to 10 days following the shot.
  • 1 in 40,000 children will have Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), which can also happen with the measles. It is usually not life threatening.
  • 1 in 4 (usually females) who get the shot for the first time after puberty experience mild joint pain or stiffness for a couple of days.

Compare these numbers with the 1 per 5,000 doses serious adverse events garnered by the vastly under-reported German report.

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