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CANCEL CULTURE: Dr. Peter McCullough has been a leading voice for sound medical approaches to COVID-19. As a result, the American Board of Internal Medicine is threatening him with disciplinary action. CLICK [23:22] to see a recent interview with him. It’s worth your time.

CHICOMS: Early on Monday, China warned that its military would not “sit idly by” if Pelosi visits Taiwan during her trip this week. She landed on Taiwan on Tuesday. Taiwanese defense officials have canceled the leave of some soldiers and officers “to immediately prepare” for the chance of war.

FAUXTUS: When Trump used a drone to take out ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Biden said, “It’s clear this victory was not due to Donald Trump’s leadership. It happened despite his ineptitude as commander-in-chief.”

When Biden used another drone to kill Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri, he took a victory lap. “Justice has been delivered.”

GRIFTER: Remember Shaun King? If you don’t, Wikipedia has a long article about his lifetime of lies and fraud. A while back, he started Grassroots Law PAC to raise money for political candidates who are soft on crime. The group’s FEC report is linked below.

One of the group’s biggest disbursements – $40,650.00 – went to Portrero Performance Dogs for “NON CONTRIBUTION ACCOUNT – CONTRACTOR DEPOSIT.” In short, Shaun used money donated to his PAC to buy himself an insanely expensive show dog … for a family pet! The dog has since been returned to the breeder, allegedly because “he’s got a little too much energy to be a family dog so he came back.”

The PAC’s disbursements make for an interesting read. A whopping $200K went to Real Justice PAC, which supports the campaigns of extreme Leftist prosecutors like Marilyn Mosby; you know, the kind of people George Soros lurves. There were some disbursements to various other pols, but most of the transactions are listed as being for accounting, website, and legal services, for credit card processing fees, and for “software.” How much software does anyone need? Especially since a whole lot of those “software” disbursements went to Grassroots Law, another of Shaun’s scams, I mean social justice efforts, one that is also aimed at helping Progs get elected.

MAN ON THE STREET: CLICK [11:16] to hear what happened when Ami Horowitz interviews gay Americans about Palestine and then Palestinians about homosexuals.

MICHELLE OBAMA: CLICK [3:57] to hear how oppressed she still is and what Candace Owens thinks about the situation. “If that’s oppression, where can I get some?

MICHIGAN: Trump-endorsed John Gibbs, who served in Trump’s HUD, just won the 3rd District (Grand Rapids) primary. The incumbent, Peter Meijer, is the sixth House Republican to lose a primary after having voted to impeach Trump.

This is particularly significant, because Meijer has huge name recognition and muy bucks. Michigander Joel Abbott writes, “Peter Meijer is a princely figure in West Michigan. His family’s name is on half the buildings, venues, and public works in the area. His supporters donated millions to run ads every time my family turned on the TV. We received at least one piece of mail telling us how amazing he is (or how evil Gibbs is) every single day.

MSNBC: It’s okay to make racist remarks … just so long as the target is a Republican. [2:03 ] – CLICK [:37] to hear a Black Democrat project all over the place about political powers using “unintelligent” Blacks who “do as [they’re] told.” (Did the Mars Rover ever find Neil Armstrong’s flag?) CLICK [1:00] to hear Herschel Walker’s classy response.

NEW YORK TIMES: “Why is anyone on this godforsaken planet even asking that question?” – Sara D.

TOLERANCE: [:05] – On Tuesday, Kansas voters were the first in the nation to vote on abortion since Roe died. Sadly, the pro-life amendment failed (58.8% No vs. 41.2% Yes). But it wasn’t for lack of trying. Kansas pro-lifers worked hard to counter the Left’s lies, including going door-to-door, to encourage people to vote for life. And one of them, a teen named Grace Hartsock, took a punch to the face from a Tolerant Liberal for presuming to stick up for the unborn.

On Sunday, July 31st, Hartsock rang a doorbell and asked the resident if she could count on the woman’s support. The woman said, “No, I’m sorry I don’t think you want to talk to us.” The girl thanked her and turned to leave when the resident’s adult daughter jumped off the couch, cussing and yelling at her mom for being polite to the girl. Then, she launched herself at the teen, shoving her in the chest, punching her in the head, and screaming curses and phrases like, “I hope you get raped” and “I hope you get run over by a car.

In the video, you can see her rage-stomping back to her mother’s house and flipping her mother for telling her to stop the violence! I’m tempted to say she’s just a mean, dumb bitch, but my better guess is that she’s a woman who has had one or more abortions and is carrying a soul-killing load of guilt. We should pray for her.

GRAMMY NOTES: I am ridiculously pleased with this painting I did. 🙂

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