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1A: A Christian school in Tampa, Florida, has won its lawsuit against the federal government. The FAUX administration tried to expand Title IX to include sexual orientation and gender identity, thereby denying schools that refuse to preach the Left’s dogma from receiving federal funds. The school’s case involved the government withholding funds to provide free meals for the 56 low-income students attending the school.

ANTI-CATHOLIC: A Catholic Church in Denver sustained thousands of dollars in damage in two drive-by shootings on August 6 and 8. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

DETROIT: This city has the second highest violent crime rate and the sixth highest murder rate in the country. But the management at a vegan (of course) ice cream shop is seriously bothered by the “intimidating” impression that police body armor projects, so she won’t serve them. In response, a former Detroit LEO paid an ice cream truck to give out free ice creams to uniformed officers for four hours. Later that same day, a 5-year veteran of the department was killed in the line of duty.

END TIMES PROPHECY: Conchita, one of the Garabandal visionaries, said the Blessed Mother told her one of the signal events marking the End Times would be a visit by the pontiff to Moscow. No pope has ever gone there.

This year, Pope Francis has said he is determined to do so. On March 16, he had a video conference with the Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow and last week, on August 5, he met privately at the Vatican with the head of the Department for External Relations of the Patriarchate of Moscow. So it looks like a visit is in the works.

I recently watched a video in which the presenters seemed to believe that the Warning would not happen until the pope returned from Moscow. But I can’t find that in the message Conchita gave in 1965, which said, “The pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe.”

One of the other Garabandal visionaries, Mari Loli, told us, “The Warning will come when you will see that Holy Mass cannot be celebrated freely anymore.” The pope hasn’t gone to Moscow, but we have definitely seen the Mass quashed by COVID.

August 28th is approaching fast. If you haven’t read “Get yourselves prayed up, people!”, I hope you will do so soon.

IRS: The Build Back Worse bill the Dems are shoving down our throats (thanks for nothing, Manchin and Sinema) allows the IRS to double its work force. And apparently they’re looking for agents to carry all those guns and use all that ammo they’ve been stockpiling.

FOOD: A recent Rasmussen survey found that 63% of Americans are changing their eating habits because of inflation. That number is 72% for families with children and 73% for women under 40.

SLAP ON THE WRIST: Remember when a senior FBI lawyer named Kevin Clinesmith pleaded guilty to forgery in order to get a FISA warrant for the FBI to continue spying on the Trump organization?

You’d think maybe, just maybe, Clinesmith’s career as an attorney would be toast since (a) what he did is a felony, and (b) lawyers are supposed to be held to a higher standard than the rest of us.

Never mind any of that. He helped the Dems hurt Trump! So all that happened to him was 12 months’ probation, a $1,037 fine, and temporary suspension of his law license. His probation isn’t even over yet, but he’s been restored to “good standing” and has his license to practice law back.

Of course, God hasn’t finished with him, so there’s that.

TRUMP RAID: According to the Daily Mail UK, Eric Trump says that the 30 FBI agents sent to raid Mar-a-Lago refused to hand over their warrant or allow Trump’s attorney onto the property. They also told the staff to turn security cameras off and leave the premises, neither of which happened. The agents were inside the 128-room Florida estate for nine hours, going wherever they pleased. They even rummaged through Melania’s clothing. Judicial Watch and the Albany Times Union newspaper have filed a motion to unseal the warrant.

CLICK [13:24] to hear Trump’s lawyer talk about the raid.

CLICK to see the video [3:47] to see the video Trump posted to Truth Social after the FBI raided his home.

VOTE FRAUD: The Cherokee County, Kansas, Clerk’s office conducted a post audit of election ballots cast and discovered the thumb drives had switched votes cast for incumbent District 1 County Commissioner Myra Frazier and attributed them to challenger Lance Nichols. This was a primary vote for the GOP nomination. They say it was the only race on the ballot to be affected by the glitch. They got caught this time. How many others slip by?

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