On August 5, 2022, Víctor Hugo Mica Alvarez (30) passed out following a heavy drinking session at the opening of the Pachamama Festival in El Alto, Bolivia. Festival goers stuffed him into a coffin and buried him alive as a sacrifice to the Mother Earth goddess. He was able to bust out of the coffin and free himself before he suffocated. Some say child sacrifice to the Incan fertility goddess is still practiced in certain places.

On Oct 4, 2019, Pachamama idols were worshiped in the Vatican gardens just outside St. Peter’s Basilica in the presence of Pope Francis. I remember him being criticized for referring to “Mother Earth”, because I thought he was just quoting The Canticle of St. Francis (whose feast day is Oct 4). But SAINT Francis was speaking in poetic metaphors. People who bow down to a wooden statue of an Incan goddess are doing something entirely different.

The Pachamama statues were also placed briefly in the Basilica of St. Peter, again in the presence of the Pope, and were in regular prayer ceremonies in the Eucharistic presence of Christ. On Oct 19, a Pachamama statue was carried in a Way of the Cross procession that had been organized by participants of the Amazonian Synod. I’m guessing Satan was giggling madly the whole time, especially since these blasphemies occurred during what is roughly equivalent to Lent in the Satanic calendar (link below).

In the Oct. 26 open letter, Bishop Athanasius Schneider called on all Catholics — bishops, priests and laity — to offer acts of reparation, protest and correction for the use of the Pachamama statues, which he calls a “new golden calf. … Syncretism and paganism are like poisons entering the veins of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. … I cannot remain silent in the face of the blatant violation of God’s holy will and the disastrous consequences it will have upon individual souls, the Church as a whole, and indeed the entire human race.”


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  1. red

    Oh, wow, this is bad.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I know, right? The first few times I heard about it, I blew it off as exaggerated by pope haters. Then I saw that article about the guy getting buried and decided I should dive in. The image I can’t get out of my head is the priest in a cassock with his butt in the air, bowing in adoration before a pagan idol. :-(““`