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DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET: Our Lord gave this chaplet to St. Faustina, instructing us to particularly recite it during the nine days before the Feast of Mercy (the first Sunday after Easter). He said, “By this Novena, [of Chaplets] I will grant every possible grace to souls.” It is also appropriate to pray it during the “Hour of Great Mercy” — i.e., three o’clock each afternoon, recalling the time of Christ’s death on the cross. N.b., The version in the graphic is not the official version. It’s a slightly simpler version I created, because it’s easier for someone who prays the rosary a lot to remember. The official version is at the link.

END TIMES PROPHECY: A message given to Luz de Maria by Michael the Archangel on August 15, 2022 [10:26] – I’m not going to transcribe this, because it’s all worth hearing.

FAMINE: Droughts across the globe are affecting agriculture in 18 countries, all of which are major food producers. In addition, a survey from 15 states within the U.S. farm belt showed 74% of producers expect lower than normal harvests.

FLORIDA: Charlie Crist won Tuesday’s primary for the Dem nomination to run against Ron DeSantis. On Wednesday, just four days after tweeted about a “united Florida”, he emphatically stated that he did not want the vote of anyone who has ever supported DeSantis, because they’re all “haters.”

CLICK [:28]. All the “GOOD Democrats, GOOD Independents, and GOOD Republicans” will “unify” with his ticket. Soooo typical of Democrats these days. It’s never about policy with them; it’s all about how eeevil you are if you disagree with them.

GOVERNMENT PERSECUTION: [2:57] – And the Antichrist rises.

NICARAGUA: The nation’s anti-Catholic dictator has had Bishop Ronaldo Alvarez and his associates arrested for alleged inciting “violent groups” in the country. (Translation: Criticizing Ortega’s attacks on human rights and the Church.)

Pope Francis has not condemned the detentions specifically, but instead expressed “conviction and … hope that through means of open and sincere dialogue, one can still find the bases for respectful and peaceful co-existence.”

TENNESSEE: The last three abortion facilities are expected to close within the next week as the state’s heartbeat abortion ban goes into effect.

TRUMP: The Donald celebrated “ALL WINS” for the candidates he endorsed in Tuesday’s primaries. He also noted, “Overall for last 4 years, 98.4% on Endorsements!

YELP: On Tuesday, the site announced it will slap the following label on profiles of pro-life pregnancy resource centers: “This is a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Crisis Pregnancy Centers typically provide limited medical services and may not have licensed medical professionals onsite.” The exact same thing could be said for abortion clinics, but I’m guessing Yelp won’t be putting any nasty little labels on those.


CLICK to see a baby dolphin being born!


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  1. You know I never thought much of the homo flag “usurping” God’s promise to Noah. Rows of flat colors do not a rainbow make. Now it’s being eroded with new symbols added, until the original color stripes become background for triangles and dots and other things. Their flag is a transient, silly thing.

    Anyway, I thought you might appreciate seeing this pic of God’s Nature demonstrating a spectacular rainbow effect. Can’t usurp this!

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