Queen and Mother of the End Times

On Monday, August 28 of the year of the Lord 2006, a new invocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary was revealed to Luz de María by our Lord Jesus Christ under the title of “Queen and Mother of the End Times.” A great part of the invocations to the Blessed Virgin Mary are gathered in one single image that represents her.” – + Msgr. Juan Abelardo Mata Bishop of the Diocese of Estelí

Luz de Maria quotes the Blessed Mother about the symbolism in the image:

Upon My image rests the Holy Spirit, of whom I am Temple and Tabernacle.

My Crown has three Crosses: the middle Cross belongs to My Son’s Cross, the one on the right to remind you of Divine Mercy and how the repentant thief attained forgiveness and won Heaven, and the one on the left for you to keep in mind the one who mocked My Son, being on a cross, and condemned himself.

The Scapular on My Chest is a sign of the commitment that My children have so that their life be alike to Mine: in obedience and faith to the Word of God.

My Sacred Heart illuminates the life of men and, in the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

In My Womb, My Son is seen in the Holy Eucharist, unfolding His Love through yellow rays.

On the wrists of My Hands you will notice a star, so that you remember that I am the Morning Star of the New Dawn and guide the People of My Son.

My Hands shine with light so that My children do not go astray and see the light of the beacon of My Hands, from which rays emanate that converge with the rays of My Son, present in the Holy Eucharist and deposit themselves in blessing on the newborn child, who represents, in the first place, Our beloved Angel of Peace – fruit of the Trinitarian Will – who is presented to Humanity by the Hand of God the Father who is guarding him. Second, the child represents the Holy Remnant. That Holy Remnant that is being protected and maintained on the Earth of peace, by the Hand of God the Almighty Father.

The Earth, at this instant, is surrounded by My Holy Rosary, just as the renewed Earth will continue to be surrounded by My Holy Rosary. And with each Our Father and every Hail Mary that you have prayed in the Rosaries and in other prayers, you have multiplied them to infinity, because prayers will always bear fruits of life and in abundance.

The Earth is shining, and the darkness will have passed.

My Invocation represents the Hope of a new Heaven and a new Earth.


Blessed Virgin Mary, August 2018”

If you have been following my “Get yourselves prayed up, people” series, you’ll recognize instantly why I got goosebumps when I saw this information for the first time today. The feast of the Queen and Mother of the End Times is August 28, the same day as Elul 1. If you don’t know why that should be goosebumpy, read up at the links below.

REMINDER: Elul 1 begins at sundown on Saturday, August 27. In Jerusalem, the sun will set at 7:10 pm. Jerusalem is seven hours behind New York, so where I live, Elul 1 will begin on Saturday at 12:10 pm.


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  1. At 7 pm here:

    (Arlan [if you get the meaning] Tx – sorry about that joke…)

    There is a bow in the clouds. Not the regular rainbow seen after a storm. This is one that is partial, in the Eastern clouds, coming forward, having all seven beautiful colors.

    (The cell phone pic is pitiful.)

    Just wanted you to know, it brought thoughts of children of The Most High, like you, to mind.

    Bless you – all that belongs to you – during this time of reflection and prayer.

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