One of the Worst is Dead

Rembert G. Weakland (95) is dead. And good riddance.

The former Archbishop of Milwaukee publicly repudiated Catholic teaching on homosexuality, called John Paul II a “ham actor” who promulgated “heavy, almost arrogant” teachings, and condemned pro-lifers for “narrowness” and “lack of compassion.” Naturally, this made him an icon for liberal Catholics like dissident, homosexual priest, James Martin, who eulogized him as an “erudite scholar” and “gifted pastor.”

In addition to being a theological dissident, Weakland was also a practicing and predatory homosexual who enabled his fellow predatory priests to operate freely. He knowingly placed pedophile priests into parishes with no supervision, sneered at and countersued underage victims, retaliated against whistleblowers, and refused to report confessed abusers to law enforcement. He also imposed a sex-ed program on on parochial schools that included drawing pictures of genitalia and discussions about masturbation and incest.

His personal abuses and extensive cover-up efforts on behalf of his fellow predators ultimately bankrupted the archdiocese which was forced to settle for an $21 million with more than 300 victims. In 2002, it was revealed that he had paid out $450,000 in Church funds to silence a student he had raped. In 2019, current Archbishop Jerome Listecki purged Weakland’s name and image from all the church buildings in the archdiocese.

Weakland hated the traditional church and led the liturgical revolution to stomp out the reverent, Roman rite and its treasury of sacred music. Largely as a result of his efforts, the altars of most American churches were turned versus populum; choirs were disbanded; Gregorian chant was prohibited; Latin was forbidden for celebration of the Mass in many dioceses; church furniture and statuary were discarded. These innovations, which distressed untold numbers of Catholics, were thought to be the orders of the Second Vatican Council. Rather, they were the results of a conspiracy whose foundations and intentions have yet to be completely discovered and revealed.

Since the news of Weakland’s passing, liberal Catholics have fondly eulogized the late, disgraced prelate, despite his abominable record on all fronts. The Jesuit magazine America called him “a leading Catholic intellectual who pushed for social justice and increased power for women in the church.” The New York Times’ even more effusive obituary dedicated just two lines to Weakland’s failures to protect children and cited the bishop’s farcical claim that the Vatican was to blame for Milwaukee’s abuse issues.

Excerpted from “The worst Catholic bishop in America just died, pray for his soul” by Raymond Wolfe

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