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1A: A federal district court in California has ruled unconstitutional a state law requiring churches to pay for elective abortions in their health insurance plans.

And a federal appeals court has struck down a Biden administration statute that forced doctors to perform medical procedures, including gender-transition procedures, against their religious beliefs.

A Washington D.C. superior court judge has ruled that the city’s vaxxx mandate on city employees is unlawful.

A federal judge has issued a preliminary injunction upholding the rights of U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) personnel to refuse the mandated jab.

EDUCATION: If you remove the bacon, lettuce, and tomato you can’t call it a BLT. Likewise if you remove the civics, logic, grammar, rhetoric, penmanship, classical languages, religion, and philosophy, you can’t call it education. But this is exactly what mainstream education has done.” – Jeremy Wayne Tate

FAUXTUS: CLICK and watch to the end cuz LOL.

MEAN TWEETS: When Trump did it, he was being a terrible, awful, no good, meany pants! When Biden does it, he’s just being “feisty.”

NEW YORK: Gov. Hochul has finally scrapped the state’s COVID-19 restrictions for schools after more than two years of draconian mandates, acknowledging that school closures and remote learning were a “mistake.”

PSA: From the comments – “Never, never put your piece in your purse. There are multiple good ways to carry on your person. Also, always carry at least one spare mag if not more.” “Take a self defense course.” “Pepper spray is legal in every state, but each state and some cities have restrictions. Know what’s legal where you are so you won’t get sued by the guy who tried to assault you.”

SCAMMERS: [15:27] – The video of ordinary people harassing scammers is hysterical. If you have time, go to the YT page and read the comments for more laughs.

TRUMP: U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart, who signed off on the warrant to raid the former president’s home, said he relied on the information in the recently released affidavit, and nothing else. The affidavit has been released, but it is heavily redacted (link below). CLICK [:10] to see another awesome meme!

WHERE’S WALDO GRETA: [6:38] – The cult of Thunberg is over. And good riddance. She’ll be 20 in January, so no longer a cute kid … tho’ still an ignorant (and no doubt angry) high school dropout. Lord have mercy on her.


CLICK cuz wow.

CLICK cuz awwww.

CLICK cuz ahhhhhh.


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  1. As much as I dislike YouTube’s new tic-toc-imitating “shorts” format, at least they play for me. 😉

    Stranger & dog on plane was very aaawwww, indeed.

    “What’s in your mouth” — Fastest land mammal, wellll, I’ll put my hilarious guilty-faced Malinois up against that toddler any day. Runs like a deer while all hunkered down, glancing back over her shoulder. “Yeah, I knew you were up to something.” Glad she learns quickly.

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