Charlie and Karla

The Dem’s nominee for Florida governor has picked the head of the largest teachers union in the Southeast as his running mate. What is he smoking? Did he not notice the results of the Virginia gubernatorial race?!

Hernández-Mats has said about Gov. Ron DeSantis’s attacks on educators, “This is what dictators do.” Methinks she misspelled “champion of parent’s rights.

Yes, in the new language of liberals dictators like DeSantis allow children to go to school while freedom fighters like Crist and Hernandez-Mats force kids to isolate at home, wear masks, fall behind socially and educationally and suffer increased anxiety and depression.” – MyOpinion

She fought to keep schools closed; her union actually hired a hearse to protest reopening schools. She also openly criticized parents who wanted schools to open and had them silenced at school board meetings.

I notice that as UT Prez, she was known as “Karla Mats”, but now that she’s running for Lieutenant Governor in the heavily Hispanic state, she is suddenly “Karla Hernandez.”

Perhaps the #1 most evil thing she has done during her years in power has been to help protect a serial sexual predator’s access to middle school victims. In his 15 years as a teacher, Brownsville Middle teacher, Wendell Nibbs, was accused of sexual misconduct by nine female students. The victims report they were in sixth to eighth grades when he began luring, grooming, seducing, and, in some cases, forcing them to have sex with him. Their evidence included texts and nude photographs. One believes he is the father of her child.

Nibbs is currently serving an eight-year prison sentence, which will be followed by 10 years of sex offender probation and a lifetime designation as a sexual predator. Five of his rape victims successfully sued the Miami-Dade County School Board in federal court and won a $9 million settlement.

Most of the stories about Nibbs are behind a Miami Herald paywall, so I can’t get at any more details. But what I can see is fishy as hell. In all, nine girls came forward to accuse Nibbs of sexual behavior dating back to 2004, but his first arrest didn’t happen until 2017 when he apparently resigned from his job (or was fired, the stories differ). But it appears he did not go to jail. He was arrested again in 2019 and was finally convicted and put behind bars in 2020.

NBC6 reported that his personnel file showed most complaints were investigated, but were ruled unsubstantiated or with no probable cause, and so he remained at Brownsville, free to continue deflowering innocent young girls. I guess #MeToo “Believe All Women” didn’t apply here.

Colleen Wright. the Herald journalist who covered the Nibbs story, says she asked union prez Karla repeatedly for comment about why this man, who apparently was a mover and shaker in the union, had been allowed to continue preying on young girls for so long. It took her office two months after the conviction to respond, at which point they said it was the school district’s problem, not the union’s problem.

I get how the “protecting a bad teacher at the expense of students” fits with the “union president” part. But I confess to being muy confused about how “protecting a serial sexual predator” fits with the “mother, teacher, God-fearing” part.

Christina Pushaw tweeted that, as soon as Karla became Charlie Crist’s running mate, the Florida legacy media moved to protect her. Because, of course, “good” people like Crist and Hernandez totes need to have their scummy pasts buried by their partisan bffs.

Pushaw posted a link (below) to the archive, which I have tried repeatedly. The article shows for such a brief moment that I had to make multiple attempts just to grab the screen shot above. There’s no way to read the article, because after the quick flash, the screen goes all white.

CLICK [1:39] to hear Charlie call Joe a great president, “the best man I’ve ever met. … Thank GOD he’s president.”


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  1. red

    I hope each of these victims are well-cared for. As the military is slowly finding out (AKA reality) 38% of women raped commit suicide and 50% of men. Let’s keep these children in our prayers for a long, healthy life. niio

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  2. Speaking as a current Virginian, the fight to put Glen Youngkin in the Governor’s mansion and displace Baby-Snuff-Enthusiast Ralph was very hard fought. But thank GOD we can rest easy in the knowledge that these demons will not prevail in Florida. Excellent piece, Chrissy, and kudos for many such good works recently. Well done.

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