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ASHLEY BIDEN’S DIARY: According to the court documents, Aimee Harris found the diary at the home of a mutual friend in Florida and asked Robert Kurlander to help her fence it. In September of 2020, they went to a Trump fundraiser in Florida and tried to sell it to the campaign. Team Orange Man blew them off, saying they should take the diary to the FBI.

Lincoln Brown asks, “Suppose the situation was reversed and it was the diary of one of Trump’s children? Would the Biden campaign have turned down the offer? Would the contents of the diary have been made public and splashed across the websites and newscasts?” We all know the answers.

BETO: CLICK [:44] to hear him approve of zero restrictions on abortion. If he can’t gin up any enthusiasm for protecting an innocent like the fully viable baby in the photo, how callous do you suppose he’d be about the lives of people he actually dislikes?

BORDER: CLICK [5:43] to hear a truly depressing report.

COVID-19: The virus hit the hardest among groups with the highest likelihood of dying from other causes – i.e, the elderly and those suffering from various comorbidities like cancer. So now that COVID deaths are way down, we should expect excess death rates to drop below pre-pandemic levels for at least a year or two. Instead, they are way above pre-pandemic levels and not just in at-risk populations, but in every age group that got the jab.

FAUXTUS: On Saturday, Joe’s official WH Twitter account posted this gem – “In this moment, those who love this country—Democrats, Independents and mainstream Republicans—must be stronger, more determined, and more committed to saving America than MAGA Republicans are committed to destroying America.” Gosh, I’m sure glad we don’t have any mean tweets coming out of the Oval. /sarc

FBI RAID: Attorney and former Constitutional Law Clerk for Justice Gorsuch, Mike Davis, explains in detail why the raid was politically motivated and illegal. He also says what he thinks they were really looking for. [6:20] – Ron Wright writes at American Thinker (link below), “I have written and served hundreds of search warrants in my career as a police detective. I investigated complex criminal conspiracies — crimes of many types, including thefts and frauds, financial crimes, and political conflicts of interest. I am biased in favor of law enforcement. Nevertheless, the DOJ and the FBI have been politically weaponized. We have no equal justice for all. We now have a two-tier justice system.”

Kevin Brock, former Assistant Director of the FBI, says the agency absolutely should not have criminalized the records dispute between Donald Trump and the National Archives. He also says the fibbies appear to have failed to meet the probable cause standard for the raid.

But Bill “I sold my soul” Barr says “pooh pooh” to all of the above. I think trusting Fauci and Birx was Trump’s biggest mistake in office, but trusting Barr may have been his #2.

FLORIDA: Until recently, Florida was a Democrat stronghold. No more. Registered Republicans now outnumber Dems by more than 200,000 voters. In Miami-Dade, Dems still lead by 146,975 voters; however, 70,738 more Hispanic voters are now registered with the GOP than with the Dems.

INDIANA: [:24] – On Aug 24, a fire at an oil refiner knocked out the electrical power and cooling water systems, causing it to shut down. Because this has affected the supply of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel throughout Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, the feds declared a regional emergency to speed up transportation of these fuels to the four states.

LIFE: CLICK to hear Stacey Abrams swear on her vast understanding of the Bible that protecting the unborn is evil.

MILITARY: When the bodies of the 13 soldiers he helped murder were returned to U.S. soil, the Faux-Commander-in-Chief kept looking at his watch. On the first anniversary, he yukked it up with The Chin.

PENNSYLVANIA: Officials at the Northern York County School District have decided to ignore the objections of parents and community members and allow the Satanic Temple to host a back-to-school event at the high school. They say it’s a First Amendment thing. I say the Christians should show up with their Bibles and the Catholics should show up with their Bibles and their ROSARIES and pray those people out of business!

S&G: CLICK [:33] to hear a chirpy M.D. talk about how super duper fun it will be to have your reproductive capabilities removed forever … before you’re anywhere near old enough to understand what things like “infertility”, “complications of major surgery”, and “lifetime dependence on expensive pharmaceuticals” mean.

Boston Children’s Hospital brags about its “gender affirming” (i.e., body mutilating) options for children. For children 9 and under, they provide puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. At 15, they begin doing mastectomies and hysterectomies on girls and slicing penises and testicles off boys.

CLICK [3:23] to hear a “parent” calling Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C., and hearing that they will sterilize a 16-year-old girl. The hospital contact person says she has seen them do it on even younger girls.

Libs of TikTok, which exposed these hospitals, has been locked out of Twitter for “hateful conduct.” You can tweet whatever you like about Republicans, Christians, Catholics, Caucasians in general, and Orange Man Bad in particular … but don’t you dare suggest that it’s anything but totes awesome to mutilate kids whose brains aren’t even done forming!

TRUMP COUNTRY: CLICK [6:59] to see a Newsmax report from Republicans in Queens. The guy who starts talking at 4:30 is Captain Deplorable. CLICK to hear him report on the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

GRAMMY NOTES: We received our apple tree as a housewarming gift in August 1984. It grew up with the girls, producing fruit every year that has a sweet-tart flavor I can’t find in any apple currently on the market. The flesh is white and crispy, but usually, the apples are on the small side and, because we don’t do a darn thing to help the poor tree avoid apple diseases/bugs, there are always a lot of blemishes to cut out. Not this year. The apples are much larger than normal with far fewer blemishes and the flavor is outstanding. Methinks God is blessing us for the coming food shortage. We’re busy busy busy chopping and canning as fast as they fall off the tree. ❤


CLICK – Bunny is kinda scary smart.

CLICK – This kid, not so much LOL!!

CLICK – Watch to the end (tissue alert).


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  1. I wonder about ol’ Jay Leno’s judgment, letting that dementia patient drive.

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  2. In my personal style of scheduled scripture reading, Numbers 10 was yesterday. Note the creation of the trumpets and then 10:11…

    Just thinking the 20th day, second month, second year being the first journey from the mount… very interesting.

    How that was approximately May 5th then, IDK. But Pentecost this year was June 5th. Probably over-thinking it. Seem you shared a link once to a website with a calendar that helps determine things like this… Anyway, just thought of sharing Numb. 10 only to share more. 🙂

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      You got me diving into an interesting bit of research! It got a bit long, so I’ll post it as a separate thing. ❤