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2A: A federal judge has struck down a Texas law preventing individuals aged 18 to 20 years from carrying handguns in public. This is the first major court ruling on Second Amendment rights since SCOTUS recognized a constitutional right to carry firearms in public for self-defense.

COVID-19: [9:04] – They called us vile names and said we shouldn’t be allowed to have access to health care or even to leave our homes at all. Don’t hold your breath waiting for any of these arrogant a**holes to apologize. We won’t get justice here, but thank God for God.

MEDIA:This is one of those things that should make you wonder if the media is actually telling you the truth, because it’s insanely important and they aren’t reporting on it. Just like the farmer uprisings across Europe, the news isn’t reporting on what is happening with the European energy crisis, despite the fact that it is going to massively affect your daily life (no matter where you live).” – Commodore Vanderbilt

– Energy prices in Europe up over 400% this year, and over 1,200% since January 2021.

– Wien Energie, Austria’s largest energy supplier, is insolvent. The federal government has to step in.

– Belgian fertilizer and steel melting companies are shutting down.

Not to sound like a broken record, but this is more of the Global Elitists’ work … reduce global population and impoverish the rest so the elite can enjoy absolute rule.

SUDDEN ADULT DEATHS: [7:41] – Mark Steyn asks what’s going on and shows a “surprising” correlation between vaxxx rates and excess mortality rates. But remember, people, if someone young and healthy dies unexpectedly, it is improper to ask about their vaccination status. That question is only for important occasions, like entry to restaurants.

VAXXX: In British Columbia, Canada, 73% of COVID-related deaths were in people who had gotten a booster shot. In July 2022, the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) removed this information from its website.

In Manitoba, Canada, 70% of COVID-related deaths were in people had gotten a booster shot. In July 2022, their website did not scrub, but did stop updating this information.

In the UK, 73% of COVID-related deaths were in people who had gotten a booster shot. The UK Health Security Agency has stopped updating this information.

A leading Dutch vaccinologist has found that when more people were vaccinated, within a week there are more excess deaths, but when fewer people are vaccinated, within a week there are fewer deaths. He estimates that, on average, one in 800 elderly people over 60 years of age die from the shots.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency investigated the causes of 100 deaths among 30,000 nursing home residents who had received the Pfizer vaccine. They found 10 that were “likely” caused by the vaxxx and 26 that were “possibly” caused by the vaxxx.

GRAMMY NOTES: A certain person who shall remain name … it was Bob … sent this to me. And, yes, I did major in Art History. Ha ha. ❤



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