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ARIZONA: On Tuesday, the third party candidate in the U.S. Senate race dropped out and endorsed the Republican candidate, Blake Masters. Election forecasters have moved the race from “Leans Democrat” to “Toss-up.”

CALIFORNIA: A voter called to report the keys were in to the ballot drop box in front of the library in Woodland Hills. An hour later, nothing had been done, so the voter called again. Instead of coming over and making sure the box was locked and taking the keys, they told the voter to give them to the librarian.

DIED SUDDENLY: CLICK [4:20] to watch the trailer for a new documentary about the “apocalyptic” and ongoing death count from the vaxxx. Died Suddenly will release on Nov 20, 2022.

EXCESS DEATHS: [16:38] – Dr. John Campbell discusses the fact that percent of excess deaths in the UK are not only continuing, but increasing. In October, there were 1,564 extra deaths per week, which is higher than at the height of the pandemic.

FAUXTUS: CLICK [:25] to hear Debbie Wasserman-Schultz try desperately to get a Biden “crowd” to actually wake up and cheer for the fact that the President of the United States is there to see them.

GEORGIA: Democrat Stacey Abrams is not only lying about her previous support for defunding police, but is also accusing the sheriff’s endorsing incumbent Gov. Kemp of being racists. CLICK [:10].

MIDTERMS: The Cook Political Report count is 212 seats “Lean Republican” vs. 188 seats “Lean Democrat” vs. 35 “Toss-up.”

NEW YORK: A recent Democrat assault on the autonomy of Jewish schools has awakened Orthodox Jews to the fact that Democrats are not their friends. They’re backing Republican Lee Zeldin, the grandson of an Orthodox rabbi, for governor.

PENNSYLVANIA: On Tuesday, the state Supreme Court ordered counties to toss out any absentee or mail-in ballots that are contained in undated or incorrectly dated outer envelopes.

THE PROCEDURE: [4:01] – The video is an accurate description of what happens in a 2nd trimester abortion. But since it is animated, the reality is much, much worse.

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