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ARIZONA: CLICK [:23] to hear Kari Lake’s response to Hillary Clinton’s attacks.


DEMOCRATS: Democrat blogger Oliver Willis tweeted, “Even when things get bad, at least Rush Limbaugh is still dead.” It got more than 5K likes. Responses ranged from “Amen” and “Nice just thinking about it” to “I’m stitching this on a pillow.” When they tell you who they are, believe them.

FETTERWOMAN: CLICK [:09] to see what God had to say about this candidate. Also CLICK [:16] for another “Why isn’t this man in rehab?” moment.

FRAUD: The recently deceased Marie Louise Cruz – aka, “Sacheen Littlefeather” – is best known for having stood in for Marlon Brando when he refused his 1973 Academy Award. As an activist for Native American rights, she had claimed her father was of Apache and Yaqui ancestry. Her sisters have come out recently saying their father was a first generation Spanish-Mexican with no Native American ties and that Marie Louise had changed her life story to gain prestige. I think this last bit is one of the clearest examples of how not racist our culture is.

GEORGIA: On Friday, a prominent Atlanta Democrat endorsed Republican Gov. Brian Kemp and his running mate, snubbing Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Over the last four years, I’ve witnessed Governor Kemp make tough decisions—ones that weren’t always popular at the time—in unprecedented circumstances. While we don’t agree on every issue, it’s abundantly clear that Brian Kemp is a man of character, a strong leader, and someone who Georgians can trust to put them and their interests first.

MICHIGAN: A recent school board meeting in Dearborn, six hundred people (mostly Arab) filled the gym, and hundreds more listened from overflow rooms. There was shouting, booing, and more as people shared their thoughts about sexually explicit books in the school library. [3:22] – Muslims make up roughly 3% of Michigan’s population, where Trump beat Hillary by .23%. But Muslims don’t like homosexuality and they’re really not interested in having trans crap shoved down their kids’ throats, so they’re switching parties.

MIDTERMS: Another effort by the RNC to protect election integrity has won in Wisconsin, where a judge has ruled that poll watchers must be allowed to watch the counting of absentee ballots.

OHIO: Tim Ryan, the Dem running for U.S. Senate, took a “shot” at appealing to gun enthusiasts with a cringeworthy ad that the NRA fact checked. CLICK [:15].

Ryan also believes taxpayers should foot the bill for gender reassignment therapies for felons and illegals. Lifelong hormone replacement costs between $50 and $5,000 per year. Gender reassignment surgeries run between $5,000 and $150,000 each.

PELOSI: [17:20] – These updates on the assault just get weirder and weirder. Also, the midterms. Did you know that “inflation” wasn’t a word that anyone knew before ten minutes ago?

PENNSYLVANIA: Democrat and gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro sent out this extremely offensive campaign mailer. It’s not the first time he’s targeted Catholics. As Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Shapiro sued the Little Sisters of the Poor, trying to force them to include contraception and abortion in their health insurance plan. His suit kept the sisters tied up in court for six long years before they finally got a ruling from SCOTUS in their favor. The Little Sisters of the Poor are celibate women who commit their lives to providing nursing care to the elderly poor.

TRUMP: On Friday, Tom Barrack, a former fundraiser for The Donald, was found not guilty. He had been charged with acting as an unregistered foreign agent during the Trump administration, lying to the FBI and obstruction of justice.

TUDOR vs. GRETCHEN: [21:29] – This is the first time I’ve heard Tudor Dixon speak. She is excellent.

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