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CATHOLIC: Pope Francis has defended his appointment of a pro-abortion economist to the Pontifical Academy for Life, saying that he put her there to “give a little more humanity to it.” I’m thinking what he really wanted was another proponent of the Great Reset.

DETRANS: [5:21] – “I didn’t need hormones or surgery. I needed therapy. … Changing your body doesn’t address the mental distress.

GEORGIA: Stacey Abrams lost, again. But this time, she actually conceded, which makes for a nice change.

MIDTERMS: [4:45] – Before the election, I wondered if the blood moon that peaked at the same minute the polls opened on the East Coast was a good sign or a bad one. Some folks were saying it presaged a red wave. Clearly, that was not the case. I’m going back to October 30, when I noted that the eclipse would happened in front of the constellation Taurus the Bull.

In Christianity, the Sun, which provides illumination, represents God the Father, while the Moon, which reflects the light of the Sun, represents Jesus who shows the Father to us here on Earthin a way we can clearly see.

But on Election Day, the Earth will block the light of the Sun, darkening the Moon and making Taurus the Bull stand out. It’s hard not to wonder if this is a sign that the United States of America is finished as a Christian nation.”

MICHIGAN: Are voters really this stupid? Or do Democrats just have an excellent election fraud system?

GRAMMY NOTES: When you intend to do bad, that is a sin of commission. But when you fail to do good, you aren’t off the hook. Failing to do good is called a sin of omission.


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