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CATHOLIC: [18:36] – When my kids were little, we had a wonderful teen babysitter with a passion for Christ and the Bible. One day, she approached me, very seriously and with great love, saying she had been told at her church that Catholics are not Christians, yet she had seen that we most certainly were. She asked about the usual things … Purgatory, Mary, etc. … and I explained Catholic doctrine in terms I thought would meet her where she was at that time. She pondered it all and said that, while she didn’t agree, she did see how we could truly be biblical Christians while holding these teachings to be true. ❤

DEM MEGA DONOR: On Friday, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried filed for bankruptcy. On Monday, he was worth $15.6 billion. By Friday, he was worth $1 billion, with the 94 percent loss representing the biggest one-day collapse by a billionaire ever.

CLICK [1:40] to hear how FTX was actually a Ponzi scheme.

NEW YORK: Lee Zeldin says, “We flipped 4 NY Congressional seats, broke the supermajority in the State Senate, and received the most votes of any GOP candidate since Nelson Rockefeller. Team Zeldin put in max effort every day and has no regrets. It was such an honor to lead this year’s ticket.”

TRAGEDY: CLICK [:25] to see the mid-air collision of two planes during a Dallas air show.

VAXXX: An Israeli study has found that the fourth jab provides protection from the ‘rona for all of 13 weeks. The third jab lasted 15 to 26 weeks. Soooooo … risk disability and death in exchange for maybe not getting as bad of a cold for 3 months? No thanks.

GRAMMY NOTES: [4:34] – Whoa … Father Mark has half an hour of adoration for every youth group meeting and he’s teaching the teens Latin! I would’ve loved this kind of spiritual meat for myself as a teen and for my girls when they were teens.


CLICK to hear about the 5 constipated men in the Bible.

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