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DEMOCRAT MIRACLES: I’m not going to report much on the cheating. IMO, the nation is lost and we need to double down on prayer, not anger or politics. I mean, they don’t even respect us enough to bother being subtle. A town of 700 in New Hampshire allegedly cast 1,100 votes for the Democratic candidate. And in Maryland, 10,000 votes magically appeared out of nowhere to flip the District-6 seat blue.

FTX: The CEO of the now-bankrupt crypto slash Ponzi company has admitted the whole thing was nothing more than a money laundromat for the DemoRATS.

LITIGATION: [4:26] – Former transgender teenager Chloe Cole is suing the doctors who conned her parents into believing that puberty blockers and a double mastectomy were the only way to treat her gender dysphoria.

PROJECT VERITAS: Warning – The video contains sexually explicit content. [9:58] – The good news is that, because PV made this pervert’s sexual fantasies public, he has been placed on leave while the school investigates. A retired cop who spent 25 years profiling offenders says this teacher’s obsession is very “predatory. When somebody is this obsessed with a fantasy, it starts to rule their life. They start to move in a direction of losing the concept of reality. The reality is he’s a teacher. He’s in a power position. He should be worried about educating these children. Instead, his focus is more on constantly — it seems, constantly obsessed with sexual aspects of these children.”

S&G: This past Saturday, the city of Venice, Florida, held its 3rd annual Venice Pride Festival in Centennial Park. The “family friendly” event, which was promoted on the city’s official Government website, featured nudity and a super fun “toss the ring on the dildo” game.

It started out with freedom to love whomever you wanted. ‘Love is love.’ Then it was more ‘representation’ and half naked kink parades. Now, it’s drag queen story hour in elementary schools, kid drag shows, and dildo ring toss. We’re so far down the slippery slope. Are we finally allowed to call this grooming?” – Libs of TikTok

GRAMMY NOTES: “The Homecoming” by N.C. Wyeth – Somebody posted this on my FB timeline with, “As the lone soldier returns home to the family farm, he is met by rural stillness punctuated only by his jubilant dog racing to greet him. The returning infantryman seems almost to hesitate—happy to be home, certainly, but overwhelmed. The faint reluctance of the man’s posture hints at unforgettable experiences. The soldier has dropped his bag, releasing his wartime burden at the threshold of the farm so that he can accept with open arms the life he used to know and the dog running toward him. A man returning to a farmhouse he left as a boy. His burden is at his feet. But it is still with him.”

It really got me looking. There is so much here. Like, how the soldier is not only outside the gate, but also has not yet passed the mailbox, his sole point of contact with his family while he was away. And his weight is on his back foot, like he’s really not ready to move into the next phase of his life. He has also removed his cover even though he’s still outdoors. I don’t know what military etiquette was back then, but now I think they’re supposed to keep it on. It’s also interesting that, while he’s removed his cover, he has not put it down. In other words, he isn’t preparing to greet the exuberant dog. In fact, he’s not even looking at the dog, which would be the natural thing for him to do, since the dog is moving.

Even the landscape speaks to the challenges he faces. The harvest is in and the trees have lost their autumn brightness, so snow and winter cold are imminent. Also, the first enclosure on the left appears to be a pig pen. Pigs really stink and they have to be slaughtered before they are useful. Plus, there’s the whole Holocaust (Jews don’t eat pigs) thing. So the soldier has still got to pass that mailbox and enter the gate and go past the pigs before he gets to the cows and chickens, which provide nourishment without being killed. Only then will he reach the house where his family – who won’t ever understand what he’s been through – are waiting for him.


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  1. Both critiques are perfect. Especially love yours! All can comprehend in the portrait what we may not understand in personal experience:

    “his weight is on his back foot” & “seems almost to hesitate”

    and “he’s not even looking at the dog”

    His head seems to be turned toward the house, yet without knowing where his eyes are gazing, the portrait pulls the viewer to the house, home – like the all the groves in the ground, the final few ruts lead to our ultimate destination.

    sigh – You provide a great contentment and enlightenment with your posts (a blessing). 🙂

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