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2A: [3:36] – Babylon Bee shows us what it would look like for women to have the exact same rights that guns have. I’m thinking that the “tuck under the coat” isn’t adequate. What is needed for concealed carry is a full burka. You know, the ones with the mesh covering over the eye hole. But if her owner has an open carry license, a hijab might be adequate.

EVs: Consumer Reports 2022 Annual Auto Reliability survey found that electric vehicles and full-size pickup trucks have the most after-purchase problems, while hybrids and mid- and large-sized gas-powered sedans have the least.

The top most reliable automakers in the survey are headquartered in Asia. The highest-ranked domestic brands – Lincoln and Buick – ranked 10 and 11.

FAUXTUS: [34:30] – We’ve taken control of the House. Booyah! Let us PRAY these investigations bear real fruit.

FTX: The balance sheet of the now-bankrupt, Democrat-Ponzi, cryptocurrency laundromat includes $7.4 million of a cryptocurrency token called TRUMPLOSE. The disgraced CEO spent roughly $10 million to help get FAUXTUS elected, making him Slow Joe’s second-biggest donor in 2020.

G20: CLICK [:18] to see FAUXTUS struggle with the enormous cheat sheet, despite the all caps and red letters his aides included. CLICK [:07] trip on the stairs again. He also skipped the opening evening gala.

END TIMES PROPHECY: The video above – “Are We Ready for a New World Order?” [27:21] – is from the World Government Summit last March. YouTube posted “context” for the discussion by referring to a Wikipedia article that states, “The New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory which hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.” And yet … when the host asked the question, nobody scoffed. And from the bits I listened to (sorry, but not willing to spend 27 minutes of my life on this garbage), the guests all seem to not only be taking the question, but also thinking a NWO would be really super duper.

CLICK [1:21] to hear Klaus Schwab tell us exactly what Antichrist is up to during his remarks at the B20 last week which, like this week’s G20, focused on improving healthcare, accelerating green transition, and escalating digitalization.

HALLMARK: The brand you thought you could trust is releasing “The Holiday Sitter.” Never mind the G-rating; the story is solely focused on an LGBT love story. Hallmark’s move to “woke” inspired Candace Cameron Bure to leave Hallmark for Great American Family.

PORNOGRAPHY: [4:57] – Pornography is a public health catastrophe.

PURGATORY: St. Gertrude the Great was a German mystic, theologian, and nun, who said that Jesus told her that this prayer would release “a vast number of souls from Purgatory” each time it is said. It must be remembered that the efficacy of one’s prayers is directly related to the level of sanctity and virtue possessed by the one doing the praying. So, while “a vast number” may have been freed by St. Gertrude’s prayers, our own recitations of this prayer may be less efficacious. However, any help we give the souls in Purgatory is worthwhile.

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