Stupid Pandemic Moves

My personal favorite: “The assumption that every human is so valuable we need to cancel all society to avoid even a single longcovid sequela. But not valuable enough to be reasoned with, or allowed the dignity of making value judgments for themselves.

*Aisles of allegedly non-essential goods blocked in stores where people were allowed to shop.

*You could go to a liquor store to buy booze or a weed shop to get marijuana, but you could not pray in an empty church.

*You could go to a casino, but not to school.

*Banning all outdoor activities despite the facts that sunlight and exercise are essential for the healthy functioning of the immune system.

*Padlocking the gates to public parks and locking the swings together.

*In Ohio for sports, you could still wrestle each other but then you couldn’t shake hands after.

*You had to wear a mask to go into a restaurant but as soon as you were seated, you could take it off.

*Overnight curfews as if the virus was nocturnal.

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  1. Abortion clinics open, churches closed.

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