Third Day of Christmas

ARIZONA: So, apparently, the Maricopa County judge has allowed two of Lake’s claims to go to trial and they deal with the specific things I went, “Oh right” about –i.e., misprinted ballots and chain-of-custody problems.

CLIMATE: The so-called “crisis” is and always has been Prog b.s. Twenty-two years ago, they told us that entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend was not reversed by the year 2000. Yet, despite the fact that CO2 levels rose continuously, the sea only rose about 3” while average global temps rose about 6/10ths of a degree.

CONGRESS: CLICK [2:37] to hear Rand Paul talk about some of the pork in the $1.7 TRILLION spending bill.

FAUXTUS: The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals court has affirmed a lower court ruling preventing the White House from requiring anyone employed by a federal contractor to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

HAPPY SCHWANZA: CLICK [:17] to hear Nancy Pelosi surrender her gavel. I googled “schwanza” to see if some wit had created a good meme for my graphic. What popped was the English for “schwanz” which, in context, is too, too funny!

MEDJUGORJE: The seer, Jakov Colo, only sees Our Lady on Christmas Day. This year, her visit to him lasted 8 minutes. He said she came with little Jesus in her arms and said, “Today, when the light of Jesus’ birth is illuminating the entire world, in a special way, with Jesus in my arms, I am praying that every heart becomes a stable of Bethlehem, in which my Son will be born, so that your lives become a light of His birth.

Little children, you live in peacelessness and fear. That is why, little children, today, on this day of grace, implore Jesus to strengthen your faith and to become the ruler of your lives; because, my children, only with Jesus in your lives will you not be looking at peacelessness but praying for peace and will live in peace; and you will not be looking at fear but at Jesus Who frees us of all fears.

I am your Mother who ceaselessly keeps vigil over you and I am blessing you with my Motherly blessing.”

NATIVITY: This is one of the oldest depictions of the Nativity. Currently on view at the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens, Greece, it shows baby Jesus, wrapped in swaddling bands and lying in a stone water trough. It is about 34″ across, carved from marble, and is believed to date to the late 4th or early 5th centuries.

VAXXX: It appears that the mRNA shots are triggering the wrong kind of immune response in those vulnerable sheeple who keep rolling up their sleeves. With each subsequent shot, their bodies make less “seek out and destroy” (IgG3) antibodies for the ‘rona virus and more “ignore this stuff” (IgG4) antibodies. And it appears that, the more often a person is boosted, the greater the shift from IgG3 to IgG4 becomes.

  • IgG3 is the type of antibody that natural immunity and true vaccines produce.
  • IgG4 is the type of antibody that allergy desensitization shots produce.

This phenomenon may explain both the repeat infections and the increased mortality we’re seeing among the highly vaxxxed and boosted population. Their bodies have learned to ignore rather than to clear out the virus. While they get milder cases of the ‘rona, they keep getting it again and again. And, at least in some people, the virus is able to proliferate enough to cause lethal damage to the cardiovascular system.

GRAMMY NOTES: Remember way back when I was a newbie blogger and Baby Buzz was our first mascot? ::ahem:: He just had a massive growth spurt and his feet are now bigger than his mother’s!!


CLICK – which royal family?

CLICK – future engineer?


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  1. Twenty-two years ago, they told us that entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend was not reversed by the year 2000.

    And fifty years ago, the news was blaring that we were about to suffer a new ice age. The glaciers are coming! The glaciers are coming!
    One thing I learned in my geology courses (also fifty years ago) was that the rock layers tell the big story. Yes, actually, we are just begun on the downward curve toward a new ice age. The geologic record says it’s something like a twenty-five thousand year cycle to get those continent-spanning glaciers back. Panic now! We only have thousands of years to prepare!

    Fortunately, we now know that some hefty anthropogenic global warming could moderate the chilling. More carbon, please!

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    • I remember the warnings about the new ice age. Also the predictions that acid rain was going to kill us all, then the hole in the ozone layer, then global warming, etc. No matter what the crisis, the solution is always the same: Surrender all your freedoms and give the government more money and power.

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