Fourth Day of Christmas

BLIND HORSE: [4:24] – The level of trust Endo has for his trainer should be an inspiration to all of us who seek to follow God more perfectly. ❤

CONSUMMATE NONSENSE: CLICK to hear Bishop Barron refute a common complaint about Christians.

HYPOCRISY: Republican representative-elect George Santos (Long Island) ran as an openly gay Republican and won. Now he has admitted that he kinda, sorta “embellished” his resumé. IOW, he lied … about his past employment, about where he went to school, about his income disclosures, and about his heritage. He also claimed to have been an “out and proud” gay Republican for more than a decade when, in fact, he filed for his first congressional campaign just 12 days after his divorce from a woman came through.

So, yeah, the guy’s a jerk. But the way the Dems are screaming for his head on a platter, you’d think they’d never before encountered a lying liar in their august midst. BWAHAHAHAHA! Elizabeth Warren spent decades lying about her non-existent Native American heritage; Dems yawned. Ilhan Omar married her own brother to get him a green card; Dems shrugged. And Joe Biden who has been lying about anything and everything for decades … him they put in the White House.

RAAACISM: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ) is an elite public high school that, until recently, was restricted to kids who could pass the entrance exam. U.S. News and World Report ranks it as America’s top high school.

News just came out that, for years, two administrators have selectively not informed at least 1,200 students – most of them Asians – that they had qualified for National Merit awards. These awards would have opened the door to many, many college scholarship opportunities.

You’ll be unsurprised to learn that TJ is in Fairfax, Virginia, right next door to Loudon County.

GRAMMY NOTES: Finally! I have always suspected that’s what he was doing in there. Now I finally have confirmation! Other awesome responses: “True cleanliness requires marination.” “Got to make sure it’s clean and well presented, then admire it for a while.” “It’s mine and I’ll wash it like I want to.” “Many great things have been invented in the shower. The chickenheart, wristwatch, corn dog, two-ply toilet paper, etc.” “The bottle says ‘lather, rinse, repeat.’ Sometimes we get stuck in the loop.” “We are winning old arguments and shadow boxing. Leave us alone.”



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