Fifth Day of Christmas

EXCESS DEATHS: I’ve reported repeatedly on the shocking rise in unexplained deaths in healthy adults that we’re seeing all around the world. It happens to coincide with the ‘rona jab, which OF COURSE must not be blamed! Oh so predictably, “experts” are now claiming that the sudden spike is due to … wait for it … excessive use of artificial sweeteners (that have been in regular use for half a century).

GUARDIAN ANGELS: CLICK for a brief, encouraging teaching.

LIAR, LIAR: [10:14] – Gabbard: “Do you have no shame?” Santos: “Democrats do it too.” … Buddy, you claim to have been raised Catholic. Did you listen to any of your catechism lessons, cuz “They do it too” doesn’t fly with the Almighty.

SAN FRAN-FECES: This may be the world’s most ridiculous city. Taxpaying residents fed up with all the crap, crime, and rampant disease got the city to agree to get rid of the homeless encampments; an Oakland judge has blocked the effort. Taxpaying residents also paid the city gummint $550,000 to finance their four-year search for the perfect trash receptacle. See photo above for the winner.


CLICK – kids in your bed

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  1. I’d been wondering what you would do for the five rings. Good one!

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