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“Look, My daughter, at My Heart, surrounded with thorns with which ungrateful men pierce Me at every moment by their blasphemies and ingratitude.” – Our Lady to Lucia at Fatima

One of the elements of the First Saturdays devotions is to make reparation for the insults and offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I would like to encourage us all to do something special to console her for the specific insults in this month’s Vanity Fair magazine.

CREEPING COMMUNISM: CLICK [9:35] to hear Tucker talk about how many of our freedoms have been chipped away by the Left.

DISABILITY: Between the summers of 2021 and 2022, disability claims in the UK doubled. In the U.S. the number was lower at 30%, but still staggering.

In other news, the FDA is now recommending annual ‘rona jab boosters for everyone. FYI: The majority of the FDA’s funding comes from Big Pharma.

FAA: First they mandated the ‘rona jab for all pilots. Now, they’ve made the acceptable range for EKG results for pilot physicals 50% less stringent.

GEORGE SOROS: CLICK [3:58] to hear how much of the creeping communism is due to this billionaire and former Nazi.

LIBS OF TIKTOK: CLICK to hear what a nice guy Ron DeSantis is.

MALTA: A former homosexual has been threatened with jail time and a stiff fine for testifying to how he walked away from homosexuality following his conversion to Christ.

NEW SOUTH WALES: Below are the numbers of people admitted to New South Wales hospitals or ICUs during the last two weeks of 2022 by vaxxx status:

No dose (zero)

One dose (eleven)

Two doses (235)

Three doses (405)

Four doses (868)

Inexplicably, the government insists IN THE SAME REPORT that “COVID-19 vaccines are very effective in preventing the severe impacts of infections with the virus” and “people who are not vaccinated remain more likely to suffer severe COVID-19.”

S&G: What strikes me as really strange about this is that when I was in school, the female bathrooms and locker rooms did not have these products. If you didn’t bring it or find a gf to rescue you, you had to go to the nurse’s office … which nobody wanted to do. Ever. (She was really grumpy.)

VAXXX: The FDA is now recommending an annual ‘rona jab for everyone. FYI: Forty-six percent of the FDA’s funding comes from the pharmaceutical giants it is supposed to be regulating.

GRAMMY NOTES: I know somebody who lived in Beijing in the early 1980s. He said that, at least in the cities, every woman had someone assigned to keep track of her menstrual cycle. If she failed to start bleeding in a timely way and was not scheduled for her one baby, the government took her in to get her womb vacuumed out.

From what I’ve read from following pro-life news for decades is that, in the country, women weren’t forcibly aborted until they were visibly pregnant with an illegal baby. And if they managed to give birth, the baby was euthanized with an injection of iodine into its brain.

The one exception was if the first child was disabled. Since Chinese culture favors males, the incidence of girl babies who were left to die in dumpsters, abandoned at orphanages, or had their hands cut off was very high. The only person I know who adopted a Chinese boy was Jim Caviezel and that is only because the kid had a brain tumor, so the parents dumped him.

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