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According to the Garabandal seer, Conchita, the death of Pope Benedict XVI marks “the beginning of the end of times.” The death of Pope Benedict XVI also demonstrates that Fr. Michel Rodrigue is a false prophet.

On January 3, 2019, Fr. Michel Rodrigue said God told him, “Pope Francis will die as a martyr. Then the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI will appear, who still wears his papal ring. He will try to summon a council to save the Church. I saw him weak and fragile, held on both sides by two Swiss Guards. I saw him suddenly fleeing Rome due to the all-around devastation. He is hiding but he will be found afterward and I also saw his martyrdom.”

Clearly, that’s not going to happen! Apparently the dates of other prophecies he’s made have also come and gone. Sadly some still seem to believe in him though, for a devout Catholic, it should be a Big Red Flag that both of his bishops have publicly denounced him. One of them also noted that he had “renounced his pastoral charge as pastor of the three parishes that I had entrusted to him.

I read the account by Theodore Sagezza (see the fromrome link below) of a visit to a “refuge” that Fr. Rodrigue says St. Michael the Archangel told him to establish. The description of the very isolated and off-grid compound with locked gates and overworked volunteers wasting resources due to repeated prophecies that don’t come to pass fairly reeks of cult.

There are a lot of disturbing aspects in the account, but to me the worst was that, inside the chapel “there was a big framed portrait of Fr. Michel Rodrigue.” That just is not done in Catholic churches! The only time I’ve ever seen anything remotely close is at my parish where the long-dead founder’s picture is in the parish hall. But we’ve had many, many priests come and go since then; not one of them has a photo.

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