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BURBERRY: The classic raincoat brand has gone woke. Dunno what about a girl’s mutilated breasts should make me want to buy a raincoat …

Also this – “New study finds that suicides in a cohort of transitioning youths receiving gender-affirming care were were 37 times as high as the background population rate for same-age Americans.” My alert readers will remember that I covered the suicide issue before. Pro-trans doctors scare parents by citing a study that found more gender-questioning youths thought about suicide than their gender-comfortable peers. BUT … what they do not tell parents is that more transitioned youths actually attempt or succeed at committing suicide than their non-transitioned peers.

JEFFREY EPSTEIN: [14:58] – Tucker analyzes Jeffrey Epstein’s death.

Comments on the video: “I worked in a maximum-security prison for 5 years! If you have somebody in ad seg under suicide watch, they are checked every 15 minutes. This is logged in the shift report! Anytime anybody walks down that tier it is logged whether it be a guard a medic or the Warden! I can assure you the Staff in a max prison do not fall asleep! I have never even heard of camera failures at a max prison since everything is redundant! There are cameras everywhere that are monitored by the control center! If all those cameras went down at once, there would have been a SWAT team response immediately! On top of that the tier is walked every 30 minutes! Draw your conclusion from that!” – Jim Brock

I’m a nurse and anyone even in our county jails in FL, are required to have a nurse & CO sit at their cell for the entire shift. It’s 100% a cover up.” – Salty Pug

I’m a CO in the PA DOC and we do rounds every 15 minutes on top of the inmates being supervised 24/7 on camera. This would never happen for some Joe schmo inmate let alone Epstein.” – RjfiestaST

Kinda reminds me of how those Roman soldiers guarding Jesus’ tomb were so sound asleep that Jesus’ followers were able to push aside the huge, sealed stone and make off with the body.” – CtH

NYC: A demon now stands proudly atop the courthouse of the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court alongside famous law makers. The sculptor calls it “NOW” and says it’s meant to channel Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her fight to keep abortion legal. The only good thing in this story is that the statue will be moved to Houston in June.

Best comments: “It looks demonic. Horned, unclothed, neither human nor animal; no arms to praise, instruct, protect, hold or nurture, and emerging not from humanity or from the Divine but from mindless nature. The worship of death produces ugliness and the worship of ugliness produces death.” – Tea Party Barbie

If you gaze upon RBG Medusa atop the New York Courthouse, your uterus turns to stone.” – Ben Shapiro

PROJECT VERITAS: [9:58] – A new undercover video reveals how very evil Pfizer really is.


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