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AP: The Associated Press has long touted its style sheet as the go-to guide for grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, abbreviations, acronyms, and much more.

Lately, though, it’s gone woke and its latest pronouncement is that using the is dehumanizing. Therefore, thou shalt no longer refer to groups as the mentally ill, the developmentally disabled, the French, etc., but as “people with …” or whatever.

Elon Musk asked them just one question. “So then why do you call yourself The Associated Press?

Another tweeter suggested we should call them, “Associated People Suffering from Journalistic Tendencies.”

ATTACK VIDEO: [6:07] – This footage proves untrue some of the things people have said, e.g. that DePape was in his underwear; he is fully clothed. Also, that he and Paul faked the break in; he definitely broke in. However, I still wonder why Pelosi himself didn’t have better security on his home. The guy is mega rich and the husband of a powerful political figure. You’d think, at the very least, he’d have a bodyguard or something.

Also, I watched the wind up repeatedly and Piro has it partially wrong; at the beginning, both DePape and Pelosi have hold of the hammer, then DePape grabs Pelosi’s wrist, wrenches the hammer out of Pelosi’s hand, then winds up and attacks.

The odd things I noticed were that DePape arrived with enough gear to go on an extended camping trip (?) and that Pelosi’s demeanor when the cops arrive was peculiar. Never mind that he was holding a glass of something … what was he even doing in the foyer with a man who had literally just smashed his way into his home?! Me, I’d be hiding and keeping 911 apprised of what the intruder was doing until the cops had removed him.

TED BUNDY: [2:10] – In 1978, Ted Bundy went on a rampage killing girls. Father Calloway tells the story of the woman he was not permitted to kill. I recently listened to a profoundly ignorant ex-Catholic pronounce on all the (faulty) reasons he left the RCC. One of them was, “The rosary is useless.” ::snort:: Tell that to Ted Bundy.

TRANS: Use their pronouns OR ELSE! Also, bake their cakes OR ELSE! Despite Christian baker Jack Phillips having taken his no-gay-wedding-cake case to the Supreme Court and won, the Wrongs have targeted him again, this time for refusing to bake a cake celebrating the gender transition of an attorney. And golly gee whiz, the order came in on the very day that SCOTUS announced it would hear his gay wedding cake case. Imagine that. Keep in mind that Jack’s shop is in Denver, Colorado; there actually are other bakeries there.

GRAMMY NOTES: Please pray for my brother. I just learned he is having health problems that are probably related to his exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. I am grateful to know that his daughter, who is a nurse, is able to check on him daily.


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  1. freedom1781

    AP has become such a laughing stock. Such a shame. The stylebook was our bible in the newsroom. (Oops. I used “the” —
    twice! LOL!)