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CDC: Despite clear evidence that the vaxxx poses many times the risk of the ‘rona, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has added the jabs to its list of recommended immunizations for kids, beginning with infants who are just six months old.

My personal take is that God is giving us abundant opportunities to stop trusting these people before they start shoving the Anti-Christ’s body-and-soul-killing agenda down our throats and into our arms.

FBI vs. RAD-TRADS: Tucker Carlson interviewed the whistleblower of the document I posted about yesterday. He believes the document was written by someone who believes abortion rights must be upheld and that the LGBTQ agenda “has to be pushed down the American people’s throats.”

He says the shall-remain-anonymous FBI agent who gave it to him said, “If they’re going to go after radical, traditional Catholics, then radical traditional Baptists are next and radical, traditional evangelicalism and anybody else that espouses essentially what is radical, which is just a Christian faith and that is dangerous apparently in this country.

LifeSiteNews reports, “The FBI has released a statement retracting the memo that was leaked to the public.I’m not impressed. It’ll be like ACORN; after they got outed, they shut down everything ACORN, then reopened with the same people and the same Marxist ideology under a new name.

MORAL CASE FOR MOCKERY: [4:55] – The CEO of Babylon Bee makes a good case.

NORDSTREAM: Bongino links to this story about how the Navy took out Russia’s undersea pipeline. The White House says it’s pure fiction.

PAXLOVID: This drug reputedly prevents hospitalization and death in people who are at high risk of severe COVID-19. There are some notable caveats. One, the drug has not been approved for any use by the FDA, including COVID-19. The graphic above is about the limited emergency use that has been authorized.

Two, it appears to only be effective in those who are over 65 years old and have been infected for less than 5 days. Three, the drug is associated with resistance, rebound, and promoting development of viral mutations, so if you don’t have have cancer, diabetes, chronic lung diseases, or chronic kidney diseases, you’re better off without it. Four, it is contra-indicated for anyone taking CYP3A inducers, which are listed in the FDA doc linked below.

The article is behind a pay wall. If you want a copy, email me @

RACE: The fact that people of different skin colors can be so closely matched that they can donate organs to one another should tell you all you need to know about how “important” melanin isn’t.

VAXXX: Danish researchers analyzed blood samples from 108 vaccinated people up to 28 days after vaccination. Ten of the samples, or 9.3 percent, had partial or full sequences of the mRNA sequence. The CDC et al. assured us that the mRNA would be “quickly metabolized and eliminated via cellular processing mechanisms.” Not.

WOKE CULTURE: [5:25] – Konstantin Kisin’s speech at the Oxford Union has gone viral. It’s posted @

YOUNG LIVING: There is some noise going around the internet that this essential oil company has joined the dark side. Apparently, one of the company’s top sellers wrote a booklet called “My Word Made Flesh” that included a forward from the CEO. In it are instructions for how to perform a “séance” with Young Living oils while chanting that they’re the “resurrection and life of their lineage.” Another part claimed the essential oils “allow access to greater knowledge and discernment in reaching our highest potential to become more Christ-like.”

While Young Living denies any connection to the book, I’m not all that surprised. I started using essential oils with great effect back in the 1980s. A friend recommended Young Living blends, but I declined, because they refused to disclose the ingredients. I am highly prone to sensitizing, so I buy and test individual oils, then blend my own. Using mystery blends is high up on my “Not in this lifetime” list.

Another weird thing I didn’t like was their talk about the “vibration” or something of the oils, that theirs was superior to other brands. Since I had no idea what that even meant, I was suspicious. Since then, I’ve gotten the idea that “vibration” is a New Age thing, which is also true of the stuff in that booklet.

In addition to avoiding the Young Living brand, I’d like to counsel all y’all to pray over anything you put into your body, be it food, supplements, OTC or Rx drugs, herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, etc. We have no way of knowing who may have contaminated or cursed stuff. One exorcist I listen to said he was having lunch in a restaurant with a woman who can literally see demons. Their meals came out infested until he blessed the food. Then, their desserts came out infested! It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially now that witchcraft and other occult crap have become cool and trendy.


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