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CORRUPTOCRATS: [11:37] – What VDH says. The Dems’ lust for power far exceeds their care for their own people. Don’t tell me they give a crap about anybody else! IMO, the worst of the worst are the greedy, power-hungry wives.

HELL’S HANDBASKET: Eight years ago, Lady Gaga had a performance vomiter puke green stuff on her breasts while she banged on the drums. Our cultural degradation has now progressed to a church proudly holding a drag queen bingo event to raise funds for the church’s youth mission trip.

PLANNING FOR SUCCESS: CLICK [1:03] and watch the faces of the others as the only person dressed for success make all kinds of sense. The video cuts off after the final remark, but I want to just add my two cents. The final remarker seemed to suggest that having a life plan for success and working hard to achieve it is assimilating white culture. But from what I have seen, immigrant parents want their kids to have the same goals and work ethics that drove them to come here in the first place and they hate it when their kids choose instead to assimilate the sloppy dress, lax morals, and lazy values of the Western Woke culture.

PRONOUNS: “Nobody has pronouns. You can’t ‘have’ a pronoun any more than you have a preposition or an adverb. The concept doesn’t make any sense. Pronouns are not things you can own. They aren’t pets or accessories. They are parts of speech. That’s it. You don’t get to customize them.” – Matt Walsh

TRANS: CLICK to see one of the many fundamental differences between males and females.

UK: CLICK to hear how bad it’s gotten.

VAXXX: The UK’s Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publishes regular “vaccine effectiveness reports.” The latest one shows that 50+ers who never got the jab have fared about the same as those who got the first two-jab series and are very much better off than those who got 3 or more jabs.

GRAMMY NOTES: Weird coinkidink – On Thursday evening, I did a Monument Mountain tutorial. On Friday morning, when I fired up my puter, the MS photo was the same scene. On Friday evening, I did a mountain sunrise tutorial. Today, when I fired up my puter, the MS photo was a mountain sunrise!


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