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1A: The Wrongs are pushing hard to deny workers the right to go to church. A federal court ruled that a USPS worker has NO RIGHT to expect his work schedule allow him time to go to church. The ACLJ is taking the fight to the Supreme Court. This monumental case will affect every religious accommodation and expression in the workplace for years to come. Please sign the petition and donate if you can.

A MODEST PROPOSAL: In 1729, Jonathan Swift published what has become the most famous piece of literary satire in history. In 1713, he had been appointed dean of St. Patrick’s Anglican Cathedral in Dublin and saw firsthand the poverty and oppression of the Irish.

But where A Modest Proposal expressed Swift’s outrage at the cruelties and stupidities of society by recommending infanticide and cannibalism to solve the poverty of the Irish, The New York Slime is publishing articles that seriously promote every aspect of the Wrongs’ culture of death, from abortion to euthanasia to cannibalism to mass suicide.

A while back The Slime publicized Yale professor Yusuke Narita’s belief that “mass suicide and mass ‘seppuku’ of the elderly” would solve Japan’s age-based society issues. The article inspired a lot of appalled pushback, but it appears the only thing that has changed in Narita’s twisted Ivy League mind is not what he was suggesting, but how he was presenting it.

He says that after the push back, he “stopped using the words … mass suicide’ [and]seppuku’ because of “their potential negative connotations.” Meanwhile, Dems have passed laws in 19 states that basically allow infanticide, Canada has expanded its Medical Assistance In Dying program to include those with mental illnesses, and The Netherlands and Belgium not only allow euthanasia for adults, but also for children under 12 years of age.

CHICOMS: FAUXTUS apparently got the message that a majority of us believe he screwed the pooch letting that ChiCom balloon cross the entire continent before shooting it down. In the past three days, the military has shot down three more such objects invading our airspace, one over Alaska, one over Canada, and one over Lake Huron.

VAXXX: The CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) has suggested that the Pfizer bivalent boosters may pose an increased risk of stroke for people ages 65 and older, particularly during the first 5 weeks after the jab. The risk appears to be greatest between 11 and 21 days after receiving the booster and for those who received a flu jab on the same day. Nevertheless, the CDC still recommends the shots for everyone 6 months and older.


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