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CALIFORNICATION: A California school district has freely admitted that their decision to fire a teacher was based entirely on their unwillingness to accommodate her religious beliefs. They told her she had to lie to parents about her students’ gender transitions; she told them her Christian faith does not allow her to lie. So, bye-bye, teacher.

Religious accommodation used to be BEDROCK FIRST AMENDMENT stuff. Obama went after pro-life health workers HARD, thousands were refused religious exemptions for the ‘rona jab, and the USPS has instituted a work on Sunday or else rule. We are well on the way toward the Mark of the Beast.

CLIMATE CULT: On Tuesday, the European Parliament formally approved a law to eliminate new petrol and diesel cars in the 27 nation bloc by 2035.

ELECTION FRAUD: On Thursday, 162 of the 212 Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives voted in favor of allowing illegal aliens to legally vote in the District of Columbia.

FAMILY: Satan hates families. Naturally, so do his followers. But the facts show that “children raised by married parents do better at school, develop stronger cognitive and non-cognitive skills, are more likely to go to college, earn more, and are more likely to go on to form stable marriages themselves.” And that’s not from some so-called extremist group. That’s from Brookings, where 96% of the political donations go to Democrats.

PRAYERS: This baby girl was born under the rubble of a five-story apartment building that collapsed during the quakes that hit Syria and Turkey. When she was rescued, her mother was dead and her body temperature was dangerously low. They believe her mother survived under the rubble for about 7 hours, laboring and giving birth before dying. The baby was rescued after about ten hours. May God have mercy on her and on the soul of her brave mama.

PRIVACY: New York City teachers who refused the vaxxx are suing the city for flagging their personnel files with problem codes that will impact their ability to get another job. In addition, the city sent their fingerprints with the problem codes flag to the New York Criminal Justice Services and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


GRAMMY NOTES: I play Wordle a lot … it’s kind of an “umm” thing for when my brain needs to pause from work. The game I just played was such a face palmer! I had narrowed down the choices to _SA_E. I figured it had to start with either I or  U, then … totally stumped … I just randomly guessed USAGE. That “won” me the game, but I was still so DUH that I actually googled to find out what the heck YOU-SAGE means! LOLOLOL



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