Sodom and Gomorrah

Before Satan took over, sexual deviants weren’t allowed within 500 yards of a school. Now they are openly grooming their students in their classrooms.

BRITISH COLUMBIA: Four-year-olds in junior kindergarten were instructed to complete the worksheet above.

CALIFORNIA: A tenth-grade teacher (male) posted the story below and instructed the students to both describe what was going on by citing specific lines and to explain “the importance of routine in our everyday lives.”

EXCERPTS: “Our 9-year-old eyes followed hairy hippie butt cracked mildew showered stall [sic]. Lather from watered down No More Tears trickled down to the body parts we were much too young to pronounce [sic]. He loved to wash ‘down there,’ you know it. And he’d yank up his droopy it thing to soap up pink, furry private flesh. …

“He kept yanking and pulling, pulling and yanking, and slowly, like Tia Annie’s Boston terrier, it stood up, stood out, stood red, different from any other body part we’d ever seen in our lives…suddenly, like the volcano in the film we saw in Mr. Larkey’s geography class, it exploded…Thick twinky cream ringlets spurred it here, there, everywhere.”

CALIFORNIA: High school students were instructed to fill out and turn in the worksheet above. The same packet of worksheets included another one asking if students were okay with masturbating in front of another person. The teacher tried (and failed) to hide the assignment from parents. One guess why this teacher wanted this information.

OREGON: CLICK [2:16] to hear an angry dad tell the school board about a class assignment in which a teacher required students to describe their sexual fantasies and to name fellow students with whom they’d want to experience kissing, ear licking, anal penetration, and/or oral sex.

Once upon a long time ago, one of my girls began spending a lot of time with her coach. At first I thought it was a healthy mentoring relationship; we had gone to high school together, he had kids her age, and had specialized in her favorite track event. But as time passed, I began to notice there was more one-on-one time and I also heard through the grapevine that he had recently divorced. So I phoned him and said, “I’m all for adults mentoring teens, but just in case you are finding my beautiful young daughter more interesting than is appropriate, I want you to know that I own a cleaver and I keep it sharp.” Suddenly, their time together stopped happening. Based on that experience, I’m thinking the best response to the assignment above would be, “I’ll answer this when you come to my house and explain to my dad, in person, why you want to know.

VERMONT: Blake Allen (14) was suspended for objecting to having a biological male using the girls’ locker room while she and her volleyball teammates were changing. As further punishment—and as a condition for avoiding further suspensions—the school demanded she submit a “reflective essay” and take part in a “restorative circle” with the “Equity Coordinator” and other students “to understand the rights of students to access public accommodations . . . in a manner consistent with their gender identity.” When her father, Travis, posted his frustration on Facebook, the district suspended him, without pay, from his post as a middle school coach. The Allens are fighting the district in court. You can help them with their legal fees at the ADF link.

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