The text below was posted on Facebook by Fr. Carlos Martins, the exorcist behind The Exorcist Files podcasts I often recommend here. I inserted the trailers and graphic.

“This year is unprecedented for the number of exorcism movies being released: 5. It is not a coincidence: 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of the original that started it all, “The Exorcist.

“Numerous media outlets and individuals have asked about my thoughts on the Russell Crowe movie: “The Pope’s Exorcist.” Sony Pictures purchased a ton of advertising space on my podcast, The Exorcist Files. I had no control over that. iHeart hosts the podcast and sells advertising to whoever wants to buy it (each episode airs 9 commercials). Sony spent tens of thousands of dollars to purchase three ads per show. However, because of the podcast’s success, he expressed an interest in being hosted on it. That was about four weeks ago. I replied that before conceding, I needed to see the movie (i.e., I needed a screener sent to me).

After a couple of weeks, I still had no reply, but Sony released the movie’s trailers, and it was apparent (tragically) that it is yet another movie in the “horror” genre. One of the significant themes also appears to be a scandalous Vatican conspiracy to “cover up” a demonic secret. Since the masses would undoubtedly see my hosting Crowe as an endorsement of his movie, I insisted—again—that my watching the movie would be a pre-condition for any hosting. The request for a Crowe appearance was rescinded.

The same week I received a request for my endorsement of another exorcism movie, “Nefarious,” produced by two devout and faithful Catholics, Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman. They were the producers and directors of the pro-life film, Unplanned, which depicts the pro-life conversion of Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson.

After watching “Nefarious,” I can say—without hesitation—that it is the best movie portraying demonic possession ever produced. Rather than getting bogged down—like every other movie—in diabolical phenomena and power (levitation, extraordinary strength, and other “same-old” signs), this one brings the viewer into the demonic mind. While the movie trend has focused on displaying demonic rage, “Nefarious” deftly exhibits the Devil’s insatiable craving and formidable intelligence.

Far less concerned with ostentation than demonstrating the Devil’s thought and intellectual character, the movie accurately depicts how he smothers his victim’s hope. Astute, careful, and intelligent thinking went into its script. Solomon and Konzelman have encapsulated the conundrum into which a demon always presses his victim: whether you choose option A or B, you’re damned either way, so cooperate on the Enemy’s terms and choose one. Of course, you are always free to end your life.

The movie is clean and is not a “horror”movie. It has no blasphemies, sex scenes, or even 4-letter words. However, it is anything but boring. As an exorcist, I can affirm it is true to life and a must-see for anyone who desires to understand the Enemy. I found it gripping. I showed it at the seminary where I live, and the seminarians and priests raved about it for days.

CLICK to hear Fr. Martins talk about the diabolical interference from the Director’s Premiere on April 4th. “Folks, if the Devil hates the movie this much, GO SEE IT.”


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  1. Tsi Harter

    Nefarious sounds like a very good movie. Before seeing it, please, put yourself under the Blood of the Lamb. After seeing it, cast off anything that would have followed you. Psalm 91 is great for believers. You were given the power, use it. niio

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